If you like scary movies, you’re in for a treat. 

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the official red carpet premiere and screening for Amazon Prime’s new series titled THEM: THE SCARE took place at Culver Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The cast of the show — Deborah Ayorinde, Pam Grier, Joshua J. Williams and Luke James — gracefully walked the red carpet, exuding nothing but joy and excitement as they reunited in person.

THEM: THE SCARE is an anthology series that arrives on the heels of the first installment subtitled Covenant, which took place in Compton back in 1952. Now we enter 1991, as an LAPD Homicide Detective named Dawn Reeve  is assigned to a new case: the horrific murder of a foster home mother that has left even the toughest detectives shaken.

Navigating the chaos of the city during that era, Dawn is determined to find the killer and stop him/her… as things quickly take a left turn.

Luke James arrived in an all black fit, revealing how he prepared for this new role.

“I just had to really look at the words that Little Marvin put down on page really, and dive into the unknown,” James states. “He gave me such a safe space to create, it was just exhilarating.”

Little Marvin is the creator of the show, as well as the showrunner and executive producer. 

When asked what he wanted fans to take away from the show, James states, “That I was scared out of my mind. Scared, take away the feeling of being scared. I hope you get scared.”

Deborah Ayorinde also graced the red carpet in a gorgeous brown and red dress with a corset on top. Additional cast include Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Carlito Olivero, Charles Brice, and Iman Shumpert.

THEM: THE SCARE hits Amazon Prime on April 25th.