After we all were cooped up in the house a couple of years ago, and with YouTube tutorials at our fingertips, many people have successfully become their own hair stylists. While not everyone can say that they’re amateur-turned professionals, some of us have found that DIY-ing it can indeed accomplish salon-quality styles at home.

Now it’s even easier to try different colors, cuts, and lengths, without doing anything to our natural hair by incorporating wigs into a daily routine. This not only saves lots of time, but wig styles also serve as a great protective style that allows the natural hair to stay tucked away for growth and length retention.

Protective styles don’t have to be complicated, but they do require proper maintenance. Red by Kiss helps deliver beautiful styles with tools to breeze through every step from the installation, to the styling, to the maintenance. So that you don’t have to, we’ve compiled a list of must-haves from Red by Kiss, to keep your protective styles fierce and frizz-free all day…and all under $10!

Styler Fixer Freeze Hair Spray ($7.99) – Get professional results with this strong, quick-drying Styler Fixer Freeze Hair Spray for both your daily wig applications and hair styling. This 2-in-1 lace glue and styling spray is formulated to last all-day without build-up. Use for last-minute touches as well to hold desired styles and tame frizz with a yummy scented finish.

Styler Fixer Lace Bond Spray ($8.99) – For an extreme hold, snag the brand’s strongest adhesive for lace front wigs. The Styler Fixer Lace Bond Spray is sweat-proof, water-resistant, and pleasantly scented for daily activities. It’s formulated to prevent hair damage, yet delicate enough to be easily removed without build-up or hair damage.

Lace Tinting Spray ($8.99) – Make your lace wig look more natural instantly with this lace tinting spray! The Lace Tinting Spray is transfer-proof and has a quick-drying formula that sets in place for long-lasting pigmentation. And the spray’s advanced color matching formula ensures that your lace is always a perfect match to your skin tone.

Tinted Lace Wig Powder ($3.99) – Prefer a powder? Achieve a natural look with this matte, lace wig powder. Infused with coconut extract and hyaluronic acid, you can feel assured knowing that your scalp and skin won’t be harmed with these nutrient-rich ingredients. The lightweight formula allows for buildable coverage to match your skin tone, and for a flawless blend, use the Tinted Lace Wig Powder with the Lace Wig Brush!

Lace Wig Brush ($4.99) – Designed for lace wig installs, use the Lace Wig Brush to apply and blend your powder for a seamless finish. Snag the Lace Wig Brush and Lace Wig Tinted Powder Set for $7.99!

Edge Fixer Hair Wax Stick ($6.99) – Whatever the day brings, your edges won’t budge with this 24-hour maximum hold hair wax stick formula. Not only does it smell divine, but this non-sticky edge fixer is also infused with Biotin B7 to help thicken and straighten your edges and hair. Great for spiking, ponytails, twists, taming flyaways, and sculpting edges. This hair wax stick also performs without any flakiness and is great for blending weaves and wigs.

Ombre Chrome Edge Brush ($2.99) – This 3-in-1 Chrome Edge Brush has a boar brush, fine tooth comb, and rat tail (or pin tail) combination perfect for smoothing edges and keeping flyaways at bay. The 99.99% bacteria-free brush contains soft, sterilized bristles to promote clear skin along the hairline and forehead. And the pointed, plastic end is perfect for parting precision. This edge brush works on all textured hair types, and you just can’t help but love the pretty chrome colors.

All Mighty Bond Remover ($4.99) – Remove your lace fronts safely without damaging your edges with the All Mighty Bond Remover. Safe for sensitive skin, this remover is formulated without any silicones, synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens, or formaldehyde. This formula also helps to remove glue from the wig edge so that your wig can be reusable. Plus, it won’t cause lifting between wears! On top of that, the All Mighty Bond Remover can be used for gently removing all types of tape-in hair extensions.

Silky Satin Scarf ($6.99) – Keep your edges and hair protected with this silky, 60″ scarf that comes in super fun and stylish colors. Blended with premium silk, this lightweight scarf protects the hair from breakage and frizz. This scarf can also be tied and styled in several different ways to level up your look!

Don’t forget to keep your scalp hydrated! Consider applying an oil that is made specifically for scalp care and treatment to prevent dryness. To shop these products and more, visit or