As American’s eagerly awaits a new United States President in hopes of change, we are celebrating another monumental moment in our lifetime. In 2009, for the first time in history, Americans saw their first African American President to lead the United States. Four years after President Barak Obama left office, we are now witnessing another historic moment; our Vice President is not only an African American, but she is an African American female. It is a time that we never thought we would witness.

As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King and remember his legacy, it is a great time to quote his prominent, I Have A Dream speech. This time, we can all do it with hope and assurance that better days are coming for all. Americans are proving that change is exactly what we want and need. We heard the voice of the people as they stood in line hours casting their votes. We heard the voice of the people as they were protesting together: white folks and black folks chanting “we shall overcome someday.” We heard the voice of the people when they said, “change is what we want.” There is a scripture from the book of Malachi 2:10 that reads, “Have we not all one father?” “Has not one God created us?” “Why do we deal treacherously with one another?” This is a different time in history, and we must approach it as so. We will not allow the story of our grandparents be the future of our children and their children. We will not keep silent or turn our head on what is wrong. We will fight until we see what is right.

For too long, we have allowed systemic racism and inequality to tear us apart. We have watched people suffer and now it has gone too far. People are hurting and suffering financially. Lives and jobs were lost due to the pandemic. Kids have questions and no one has a true answer. We do not know what is next. It is time that we build this country up along with the people. The people have found their strength and their voice. America can no longer allow certain people to fall while others rise.

We cannot be on this journey alone; we must do this together and continue to look ahead for what is to come. It is evident that our days ahead will be greater. We will never be ok with what is given to us, we will continue to fight until this country is FAIR to all people. We will never be ok until America makes good on its promise: that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Our rights cannot be taken away from us and we cannot give them away. We deserve leaders that are going to push us forward into the right direction. We deserve leaders that stand up and make changes for all. There is so much work to do ahead of us.

As we press forward and seize the moment, let us not forget how we got here. Do not let your guard down thinking we have made it. Let us not become sidetracked by small changes. We have a lot more work to do in this country and we will not stop until all promissory notes are paid. We must continue to make our voices heard, continue to let the world know that our voice matters, and continue to fight for what is right. For the first time, we will make America great for all.