When you think of digital media what comes to mind?  You may think of innovation, connection, a personalized experience and much more.  Or you may automatically think of Mohd Imran.  With over 10 years of digital media experience, Mohd runs a successful digital business.  He educates, empowers and entertains within the digital media world.  He specializes in creating meaningful connections and relationships with diverse populations.

Known as the Digital Media Scientist, Mohd Imran, can make your online presence better in many ways.  He is the innovative creator behind BIZBoost and BTweeps.  Imran is also the creator and host of the Digital Media Insights Podcast.  BIZBoost is a digital media agency that Imran created in 2010.  BTweeps is SaaS for Twitter growth management that Imran created in 2016.  In addition to being a digital media giant, Mohd Imran is also known as an introvert, personalized growth companion, analyst, peacemaker, and aspiring author.  Here’s what Mohd Imran revealed to us about digital media, inspiration, trends and more:

What excites you about digital media?

The transformation and shift of the Digital Media landscape in real-time. I love observing and analyzing those tiny details that most overlook at first sight. And most of all, the abundance of diversity unlocks limitless potential and opportunities for Creators. I feel rather stimulated and fulfilled than excited. It’s a ritual. It’s my thing.

How can businesses become more consistent in achieving a greater online presence?

By constant and never-ending improvements. カイゼン CANI or Kaizen | Derived From the Japanese words Kai and Zen where “kai” means change and “zen” means good.  With social media comes social dilemmas. You need social ethics & protocol to achieve the online presence of your dreams. Go beyond the temptation of instant gratification. Every single follower on your social media is a living, breathing, warm-blooded human. ⁣Brands & businesses with authentic & impactful online presence believe in connecting, networking & collaborating with their audience and customers 1:1 Human to Human.  For me, personally, it’s all about serving value for progress on purpose.

What background and/or skills are needed for a career in digital media?

  • Ability to Observe, Analyze, and Understand beyond just words or visuals.
  • Power of Peace, Patience, Passion & Purpose.
  • Discipline, Determination & Eagle eyes for Details.
  • The Quest to Create, Contribute, & Collaborate.

Consistency on TOP. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write meaningfully engaging content. You don’t need to have a degree in digital media, marketing or audience targeting. It’s a Remote Life, with no timezones. In order to work with the most creative people and businesses in the world, You have to be like Water throughout your digital media journey! Be Flexible, Open & Diverse in Dealing with People of Action, Globally. Take shape wherever you are poured and do great work.”

What trends are you seeing in the media?

A big push on features like Twitter Space, Newsletters, Twitter Safe mode to avoid harassment, bullying, and more.  Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, are going through heavy investigations from the US, EU and everywhere, due to Unethical & Unfair Conduct of their Business Internals.  Facebook is completely grilled due to Mental Health issues caused among teens by their platforms. They haven’t done anything to make it safer for the kids. Let’s make Social more human, more than monetizing our time & attention. It’s not safe anymore. Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal where Facebook sold our data & privacy under the table? Their intention is to make money off our data, time & attention. And they are doing pretty good with that.  China taking down tech companies to regulate them according to their Communist Parties & Laws.  Apple had to deal with allegations on their App Store recently for not allowing app owners & developers to link any external payment channels. Apple intentionally imposed their In-App purchase system that usually gave them 15–30% commissions.

The Global Outage of Internet Services on 4 October 2021 with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram being HIT at their worst. Some features from Gmail, LinkedIn & Twitter were also reportedly acting up funny in different regions globally. Twitter reported to have a Record-Breaking Users & Usage Activity during this outage. A Facebook representative had to helplessly tweet this Dilemma of having their services down. It was 7 Hours of World Peace before things started getting normal.

How can digital media influence community and culture?

Digital Media can influence communities & cultures in a lot of amazing ways. But only if it’s done together and with good intentions. The Idea of Digital Media is often misunderstood as the means of Broadcasting, Marketing & Consuming. But there is more that revolves around and in-deep.  Head-turning meaningful “Connections & Conversations” that fuels maximum mutual interest can make a great impact. It can help improve their well-being, livelihood & psychology for a better future backed with “Value”. Where there is value, the communities appreciate and stick together. This eventually creates many more cultures in the process.  For some, the idea of Communities & Culture varies dramatically, maybe for their own benefits & not mutual. Hence their conversations and interests follow whatever fuels them.”

Mohd Imran is leading the wave as your personalized growth companion in digital media.  His impact is engaging, inspiring and global for all to see.  Connect with his brand by following him online:

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