If you love the DC series, then you’ll be happy to know that there was finally a makeup collection created for you!

Revolution Beauty and DC Comics have recently teamed up to create and release a Batman-inspired makeup collection. The new collection launched September 3rd and includes colors inspired by the styles of Batman, Catwoman, the Joker, and Harley Quinn!

All products from the collection retail for less than $28 – which is a pretty big deal!

There are six total palettes – each with nine shadows that retail for $10. The Harley Quinn Daddy’s Little Monster Shadow Palette has your bright colors as well as pastels, all in matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes.

The Joke Why So Serious Shadow Palette is a darker set, and of course includes beautiful purples and a matte red.

The Catwoman Jewel Thief Shadow Palette has your netural and jewel-toned shades.

Finally the Batman I Am the Batman Shadow Palette has your warm browns, yellow, and black pigments. There are two larger palettes in this collection.

The Batman This City Needs Me Forever Flawless Palette (retails for $18) has 18 shadows with netural champagnes, browns, and even includes a few fun bright shades.

The DC Universe Palette (retails for $28) has 17 generous-sized highlighters and blushes.

The collection also includes a mascara called the Batman I Am The Night Mascara. It retails for $10 and promises to give your lashes a dramatic-black look.

Speaking of lashes, the Catwomen Kitty Cat Lashes retail for $10 and give that cateye effect, of course.

There is no collection without a good liner, in my opinion. The Cateye Liner retails for $8 and makes applying eyeliner super easy!

The Batman Bat Light Highlighter and Catwoman Kitty Got Claws Highlighter retail for $8 each and honestly, it speaks for itself.

Let’s talk lips! The Harley Quinn What You Think I’m a Doll? retails for $8 and is your light pinky nude. The Batman Vegeance shade is a clear gloss, while the Joker Smile is of course, a matte red.

Have I lost you yet? Because I’m not quite finished. The Joker Put on a Happy Face Brush Set retails for $20 and features four eyeshadow brushes and one for the face.

The Harley Quinn What We Are Bad Guys Makeup Sponge Duo (retails for $10) includes two beauty sponges, while the Batman Hand Held Mirror retails for $15 – I think it’s the coolest mirror I’ve ever seen.

There are also two cosmetic bags in the collection – one for Batman and one for Harley Quinn.

For more on the Makeup Revolution x DC Comics collection, click here. You can also find it at Target!



Featured Image obtained from the official website of Makeup Revolution