Who doesn’t love film and television? I know that I do!  Some television and movie films are so epic in their storytelling nature.  I often find myself wondering who is behind the theatrical greatness.  I’m the fellow “geek” who read the credits to find out who was in charge of the soundtrack, casting and more.  Well, Christal Ransom, is a noted television heavyweight who is making her rounds to a television screen near you.   

Christal is an Emmy and NAACP Award-Winning Television Producer and Casting Director.  Her career has flourished in over 18 years.  She began her television career as an administrative assistant for E-Entertainment and she currently produces shows for both syndication and cable networks.  Her notable career span has included:  Fox Television, CBS, NBC, Viacom, The OWN Network and The Food Network.  Christal has experiences as a producer, casting assistant and also casting director.  Her current role is as a casting director for VH1.  

Christal grew up in Oakland, CA during the height of the drug epidemic.  She experienced poverty yet rose to achieve success in a male dominated industry that rarely includes Black Women.  “Growing up in the inner city and being raised by a struggling single mother made my options for entertainment limited. I had to be creative and I had to think outside of the box. Watching television shows like “Cosby’s” and “A Different World” was my escape to creativity,” Christal recalls. “I literally lived my life through the storylines of these characters and from that I knew that I wanted to have a hand in what people watched. It inspired me to become a television producer!” she continues.

To date she is determined to change the narrative of communities of color through television.  “My Black Girl Magic will be a force to be reckoned with and my legacy will supersede me,” Christal adds.  She is motivated by the notion of great media uniting the world and we are here for viewing pleasure.  Industry greats such as Christal Ransom give hope to aspiring creatives who dream of turning their television delight into worthwhile narratives to uplift others.  Her Black Girl Magic is achievable with hard work, determination and grit.  Although her success is her individual narrative, the doors are open for new worlds of discovery.  Connect with Christal Ransom online here and watch her television production/casting on the VH1 network.


Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, freelance writer, social worker and educator.  Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils and @beautifulshadeslc.  


Featured Image by Zachery Brandan