I recently shared a testimony on my Curls and Coils business page. I reached a milestone that I never thought would happen so quickly. Since January 2021 I have been making major moves in business with no regrets. When I first began my literary business years ago I had no idea of what I was truly doing. 

I had a story to tell and decided to share it through my published children’s book. But beyond self-publishing, I had no marketing plan, no agenda, no ideas for expansion or etc. I just had a dream and some children’s books.

Since that launch in 2015, I had experienced: unemployment, evictions, no transportation, bad relationships and more. But God. Despite all of this I still had hope. I knew that I deserved better and that I was capable of more. When the pandemic hit last year, I had to put my foot on the gas.

I explored my gifts even further and haven’t looked back. That instant grind led me to having the most successful YTD in my business history. Since January 2021 I realized new things and made these changes in my life that empowered my business:

Bye Bye Toxic:  Around January 3rd I had my last physical encounter with a “situation”.  I had to let go of that toxic situationship. I remember that I had a sudden gut feeling that came over me as if I knew that would be the last time dealing with that person.  Although it was an emotional decision it still provided me with more peace, clarity and better judgement that had been fogged for the last two years.

Distance Is Good:  So many personal things were going on and they were impacting my business.  But the last few months of 2020 and all of this year, I realized that distance from certain people and situations were needed.  Once invitations to events, get togethers and more stopped; I accepted that and began to flourish even more in business.  That excess weight and challenge from certain people allowed me to have more focus on my business.

Always A Lifelong Learner:  I know that I don’t know it all.  I know that I am not perfect.  So I register for every workshop or webinar that I can in order to learn more about my business, enhance my skills and more.  I also dived into listening to various IG live sessions from some reputable figures in my target industry to hear their advice, learn new strategies and to eventually collaborate.

Embrace The Power Of Networking:  I began valuing the power of networking even more.  Most of the time it’s all about WHO you know.  So being kind and genuine opens up the doors for partnerships and collaboration.  Some of my current literary clients were referred to me from authors that I have fostered a connection with.  There’s no need to envy another writer or business owner because I’m walking in my purpose.

Use Your Gift:  For years I would admire writers who had earned a place as a contributor for media platforms.  I would also enjoy writing for others in various aspects.  But I never took the leap of faith to venture into freelance writing, ghostwriting or editing.  But once the pandemic hit, I knew that I needed a change and had to pivot my expertise.  So in addition to being an author, I started my freelance ventures and haven’t looked back.  It’s truly what excites me.

I’m Happy:  I don’t see my business as work or a hobby.  Doing so has allowed me to be even more successful because it truly fulfills me.  I enjoy writing so why not write for others and/or assist them in achieving their self-publishing goal?  I enjoy sharing positive stories and impacting my culture so why not contribute contact to dope media platforms?  It’s what I love and it’s what I do!

No More Procrastination:  Now although I love writing, there have been times where I would procrastinate.  This year, I let that challenge go by pushing myself to do more.  I avoid sleeping in.  Even if I’m feeling down or sick, I still work from my cell phone to get some tasks done as opposed to wasting the entire day away. Yes, it may be 11pm but if content comes to me I need to immediately write about it with no excuses. Yes girl time and family gatherings are amazing and needed; but I had to do it in moderation.  I don’t like asking to borrow money, ask for a sitter or etc; so the procrastination had to be put on the back burner to see real success.

Now I’m not saying this to brag.  I’m just sharing my testimony and how I made changes that influenced my business.  Everyone is different.  You may have barriers to your success that differ from mine.  But being genuine and authentic is universal to all.  If you’re struggling or doubting yourself, please stop!  Remain active in your gifts that focus on your “lane” to see greater results.  If you have techniques, tips or want to share your testimony; please leave a comment.  Conquer this year with focus, self-care and faith.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, social worker and educational advocate.  Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils, @mysweettealife and @beautifulshadeslc.