Closer to my dreams It’s coming over me I’m getting higher closer to my dreams feel it in my sleep.- Goapele

I don’t know about you all but 2021 has been a year of finding out my wants, dreams,and true desires of my heart. So many times we can find ourselves caught up in the day to day rat race whether it be working, being a parent,being a student etc. that we forget to dream big,out loud and remember what truly makes us happy! I found a few ways that have been helping me continue to push for the life I deserve maybe they can help you too so let’s take a peak at some of these quick tips:

  1. Gratitude Journal – A gratitude journal is a great way to write down daily what you are grateful for. Sometimes, in the midst of wanting more and bigger we can forget what we already have.
  2. Writing your goals – Writing your goals down can help you visualize on paper your thoughts to help execute your vision!
  3. Vision Board– Who doest love a vision board?! A vision board is one of my favorite things because you’re able to have fun with decorating and putting what you want through magazine clips, scrapbook pieces etc to bring it to life!
  4. Manifestation Box– A Manifestation box is a super cool way that you can put your intentions and desires into manifesting the life you want and deserve. You can put crystals and or whatever else you want in your box that you feel will help with completing your goals.
  5. Self-Belief -Listen! Be kind to yourself during this process, recognize what you’re good at, we are all good at something, be assertive, challenge yourself and go get your blessing!