Brooklyn Drill Artist Manii Ling Unleashes a Bold New Track Showcasing Her Gritty Persona


In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, a rising star from Brooklyn is making waves with her latest release. Manii Ling, the enigmatic Brooklyn drill artist, has dropped her latest single titled “I Killed A Girl” via Wavelength Entertainment. The track is a testament to her brash delivery, razor-sharp lyrics, and determination to establish herself as more than just a pretty face in the music world.

Known colloquially as the “drill baddie,” Manii Ling’s music exudes a fearless attitude that’s leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her new single, “I Killed A Girl,” takes inspiration from the iconic Katy Perry hit “I Kissed A Girl,” while giving it a distinct Brooklyn twist. With her signature blend of provocative energy and assertive wordplay, Manii Ling’s new release aims to call out her competition and expose their bluffs, all while placing her focus firmly on financial success.

Manii Ling’s journey as an artist is defined by her desire to create a lasting legacy. Hailing from the bustling borough of Brooklyn, she’s carving her own path by infusing the traditionally male-dominated drill rap genre with her unique blend of emphatic delivery and feminine energy. Her polished persona is not merely a façade; it’s a reflection of her determination to prove her mettle in an industry that often demands substance beyond aesthetics.

Beyond her music, Manii Ling has ambitious aspirations. Alongside her solo career, she’s set her sights on establishing an all-female label called “Racks On Demand.” Her vision is clear: to empower and elevate fellow female artists in an industry that has historically presented challenges for women. Her commitment to this cause is evident in her music, her actions, and her trajectory as an artist.

Manii Ling’s impact is already being felt. Her remix of Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana” has garnered over 40,000 plays on Spotify, a testament to her growing fan base. Meanwhile, her track “No Titles,” produced by Cash Cobain, has accumulated 14,000 views on YouTube, highlighting her expanding presence on various platforms.

As she paves her way in the city that never sleeps, Manii Ling is poised to make a lasting mark on the music scene. With “I Killed A Girl,” she’s not only solidifying her place in the Brooklyn drill movement but also setting the stage for a future where her legacy as an artist and an advocate for women in music will be celebrated.

In a landscape that thrives on innovation and individuality, Manii Ling’s “I Killed A Girl” stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to authenticity, empowerment, and leaving an enduring imprint on the world of music.


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