Financial Strategist, Marcus Barney is on a mission to not only provide financial direction to others but he’s also passionate about being a leader in the world of finance. Recently, we sat down with Barney to discuss the launch of his financial blueprint created for the youth between the ages of 18-21, his interest in finance, and much more!

What made you want to become a financial strategist?

When I first got started in business, I ran several different companies, I got my real estate license at 18-years-old and the market crashed in 2008. I had to figure out new business structures and models. I went to work in the cell phone industry and opened up a cell phone kiosk in the mall. While working in the mall, I ended up saving enough money to partner and open up a Boost Mobile store at 23-years-old. When I opened up the store, running under a franchise business model was a lot different in terms of structure. After about six to eight months, I ended up getting ran dry and shut down. When I looked back, I didn’t have credit or anyone to turn to for finances. I started creating and leveraging my own credit. I had to figure out how to take my credit and use it to my advantage. While trying to figure it out, I began learning strategies to generate income. From there, I found more ways to improve my day to day life. After that, I saw a difference in a year. Not only did I leverage over six figures, but I’ve been able to save what I’ve made off of leveraging credit. That’s really what pushed me into the financial strategist lane. I had to build out formulas to secure my entrepreneur endeavors.

Tell us about the Recession Proof Financial Literacy Youth Advisory digital course you created?

The reason behind creating the Youth Advisory for Financial Literacy was because I remember the struggles, I went through from 20 to 30-years-old. My goal is to help people from the ages of 18-21 have a financial understanding to have a solid financial craft as they approach adulthood. They should be able to understand there are resources available to them. Use them not abuse them to end up in a bad state. My goal is to teach them how to acquire credit, how to leverage credit, and be responsible with it. You can turn credit into an asset versus a liability. I just want to have more young people become aware of how to create assets from credit versus liability.

You are also a mentor, why is being a mentor to others so important to you?

It’s important to me because the growth that happens to us when we want to build a business is there. We all need help and guidance. Having a mentor cuts out the losses, failures, and mistakes that you’ll take. It instead gives people a shortcut and blueprint of how you can ecell faster.

You’ve already accomplished so much, what is next on your list of goals?

I’ve been able to set up and establish a multi-million-dollar business and empire. My goal now is to help others create the same. My next goal is to create a field Recession Six-Figure Mastermind to help entrepreneurs who make 100K plus a year establish and build their business model up to integrate vertically so they are able to make 100K plus a month! I want to create bigger business models to help others create multi-million-dollar empires like I have been able to do.

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