A life cultivator, storyteller, and native of Milwaukee, WI. Mariah received her BA from DePaul University in Communications and her MA in Arts Administration from Syracuse University. As a writer, Ms. Scott understands that she is a steward of her body of work and she can inspire others to think through new lenses simply by reframing her story.


Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of your bio.

Mariah: What I do not mention in my bio is what inspired me to create The Crown She Wears experience. Growing up, I struggled with self-care and setting healthy boundaries. I was taught to be selfless and to give of my time and talents because it’s the right thing to do. As I got older, I dealt with crying spells and burnout because saying ‘no’ or establishing healthy boundaries wasn’t a part of my wellness practice. I was so busy helping others that I didn’t know how to help myself, I didn’t know how to choose myself when I needed myself the most. After conversing with my peers, I realized my peers and I had similar concerns. I decided to spend part of my studies in my master’s program, researching theory, and other educational practices to create an artistic experience that focused on establishing healthy self-care practices in relationships. From there, The Crown She Wears was born.


Why is it so important for everyone to prioritize their social, mental, and emotional health?

Mariah: When you prioritize your own social, emotional, and mental health, you support your overall well-being. According to the Department of Health, when you prioritize your mental health, ‘it contributes to your ability to take part in health-promoting behaviors including physical activity.’ It also helps us manage stress, reduce burnout, and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Mariah: I am definitely an advocate for work-life balance. Something I started as part of my morning routine is checking in with myself and writing down things I need to be productive during the day; that might look like making sure I schedule downtime to have a mental break or making sure I do not work past 6:30 in the evening. I also turn off notifications on my social media and emails after 6:30 so I’m not tempted to check my messages. I also learned to redefine productivity for myself so that I can be more realistic with my goal setting especially when taking into account my personal responsibilities.


Tell us about The Crown She Wears, the tour, and what can attendees expect.

Mariah: The Crown She Wears is an interactive experience to encourage communities to exercise self-love through healthy boundary setting and engaging in healthy self-care habits. My main goal is for attendees to walk away with best practices to establish self-care practices that work for them. To give you a little insight about the tour, The Crown She Wears is a philanthropic tour where we will be donating a portion of proceeds to select non-profit organizations devoted to promoting social and emotional health. There are a couple of things attendees can expect from this experience. It’s important to know that this is not your typical theatrical experience. I do break the fourth wall, which means there are moments I interact directly with the audience to promote inclusivity. I want the audience to feel like they are a part of the experience. Also, no two shows are the same. I have tweaked the show each time to keep the audience guessing.


What are the remaining cities for the tour and how can people attend?

Mariah: All upcoming public tour dates will be published on our website and promoted via social media where a link to purchase tickets will be offered. For anyone interested in attending the show, please subscribe to our email list for updates.


What’s next for Mariah Scott?

Mariah: I am currently working on a poetry collection that will highlight the effects of a father-daughter relationship and the love, patience, and understanding that the two share. The poems will highlight how transitions in the father and daughter’s lives can support and/or weigh on their relationship. This collection is important to me because it alludes to my own relationship with my father.


What would you like our readers to gain from this interview? 

Mariah: I believe the biggest takeaway I want readers to gain from this interview is prioritizing your own mental, emotional, and social health definitely has its challenges but it’s necessary. Not everyone is going to be happy for your growth, happy for you choosing you especially when it doesn’t benefit them. I encourage you to grow anyway, to prioritize yourself regardless of who acknowledges it.


How can people continue to follow you and The Crown She Wears?

Mariah: If you would like to follow my personal and professional career, I am on Instagram @mariahnscott. For updates on The Crown She Wears, please subscribe to my website at


Photo Credits: Christian Callazo