We are totally here for all of the raw, unedited, and unfiltered conversations about being a boss! Marketing guru and Millionaire Mob University CEO, Marketing by Monrae, does not disappoint with her latest venture. Her GHETTO CEO podcast serves up a high dosage of realness with some of the most elite and successful entrepreneurs and game changers….The captivating podcast highlights good, the bad, and the real life challenges and victories of being a CEO.

She just gets it. 

GHETTO CEO’s premiere podcast episode features none other than Sultty Vegan CEO and powerhouse, Pinky Cole, herself! And when I saw that Pinky was dropping some gems, she was dropping some gems! During Monrae and Pinky’s conversation, the Slutty Vegan founder spoke candidly about the uncomfortable realities of being an entrepreneur that is often overlooked by society. 

Pinky said, “Being an entrepreneur is very uncomfortable. Most times, 95% of the time, social media society glorifies entrepreneurship as this grand, beautiful thing. While it is, nobody really identifies the part that stresses you out at night, the anxiety when you look at your bank account, or when customers stop being as consistent, nobody tells you about that part.” 

We felt that. Facts!

“The Ghetto CEO Podcast provides a space for authentic and transparent conversations with entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity and are willing to share their stories,” says Monrae. “We want to give light on the struggles that CEOs face and discuss taboo topics in entrepreneurship.”

Monroe’s GHETTO CEO Podcast is all of that and then some. But don’t just take our word for it, peep the black girl excellence below!

Ep.1 – Being An Entrepreneur is Ghetto | Ft. Pinky Cole – YouTube