Aviation found its wings when it welcomed Marlo Richardson to the Dream Flights International Advisory Board. Her plethora of skills that she accumulated from various professions made her the successful entrepreneur she is today. She looks forward to making aviation a more diverse and inclusive arena for other women of color. A Jane of All Trades, she is also the CEO of Braymar Wines, emphasizing her impeccable ability to network and remain business-minded at all times. On top of it all, she is Black woman who has fought her way to the top of male-dominated industries, becoming an inspiration to many across the globe.

Marlo Richardson has had her fill of occupations, making her a woman of the world. She has tested the waters in real estate, public speaking, hospitality, and finally private aviation. Richardson is eager to lead with intention with Dream Flights and a proactive listening ear. She feels those who have already made their mark with the company should always be heard but is enthused to bring new voices to the team. Expansion is the name of the game and Marlo is the star player.

Something that has helped Marlo keep focus is her former life in law enforcement. The career taught her to prioritize protocol, security, and the overall well-being of others. Her knowledge is incremental in the aviation industry where safety is ranked at the highest level. Working in the public sector gave her insight to how others communicate. She sees the importance of social responsibility and aims to provide her team as well as her clients with open dialogue.

In the Black community, a career in aviation is rarely discussed but Richardson refused to let the door close on her. To add to an already impressive resume, she is also the first Black woman to be on the CA Contractors State Licensing Board. She has faced her serving of trials and tribulations of trying to gain success as a Black woman. Some expect nothing of great minorities while others attempt to downplay her achievements, but she remains steadfast with a head held high and ready for the next adventure.

Richardson has found strength within her community, family, and friends. When times get tough, she knows she has a stable foundation that is there to lift her back up.  

Marlo says “believe deeply in your worth and capabilities. The journey ahead will test you, sometimes trying to overshadow your confidence with doubt. It’s in these moments that your belief in yourself must be unshakeable. Understand that your unique perspectives and skills add invaluable dimensions to any industry or role. Your difference is not a disadvantage; it’s a powerful tool for innovation and change.”

She is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Dream Flights International Advisory Board. As far as Richardson is concerned, there is room for everyone to eat at the table.  

Marlo can be found @ MsMarloNicole on Instagram and Tiktok, Marlo Richardson on Meta, and @ iamMarloNicole on X. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Upscale PR