There aren’t many TV shows that helped shape an era like Martin did. The classic comedy was a cultural force that extended beyond the screen and defined an era in everything from music to movies to fashion. Martin Lawrence, the hilarious mastermind behind the show’s title character, developed all of the show’s memorable characters, which have endured to this day as some of pop culture’s most adored.

Martin is one of the most beloved sitcoms in our community, both because it is hugely entertaining and because it played a pivotal role in changing the narrative of Black voices in entertainment and in culture through the portrayal of young, ambitious Black leads and healthy Black relationships,” said Scott Mills, CEO of BET. “Decades later, that representation is still just as important, which is why we’re so excited to honor a series that put Black culture front and center on our platform that embraces Black culture every day.”

Martin Lawrence (“Martin”), Tisha Campbell (“Gina”), Tichina Arnold (“Pamela”), and Carl Anthony Payne II (“Cole”) will all make surprise appearances on the reunion special, which will be hosted by comedian and actor Affion Crockett. Other guests are still to be announced. Interviews with the original cast members and directors, musical performances, and comments from behind the scenes will be part of the reunion’s look at the show’s history and progress. When Martin and the crew reunite for the first time in decades this summer, fans will be able to rediscover all that joy, happiness, and laughing.

“To be able to sit here thirty years later with this amazing cast that has had such an impact on pop culture is truly a blessing. I am always humbled that the fans still want more of the show and its characters. I am looking forward to the reunion special.” said Martin Lawrence.

According to a press release, taping will take place Sunday, February 20 and will launch on BET+ later this year. In the meantime, fans can get ready for the reunion by re-watching all five seasons of Martin now on BET+.