Born in Flint, Michigan, Marva King is most known for her starring role in the 75 plus million dollar-grossing DVD, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” the play.  King plays the feisty and vengeful housewife Helen. King also had a very accomplished career in singing. She is heard on albums by Phil Collins, Tupac Shakur, Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Cliff, Chaka Khan, and Lionel Richie, just to name a few!

In what ways is Aunt Tee pivotal to this story?
Aunt Tee has an emotional bitterness that many I and we’ve witnessed in our community and society re-men/”baby daddies.” She shields her emotion with a tough exterior that keeps many at bay. Particularly males. She never married because of this. She appears strong, confident, and self reliant, but is actually as vulnerable as a 5-year-old child. She loves and hates hard, but in the end even she proves that she has a heart.

Your character is very open about her thoughts on men not being needed to raise strong children – do you relate to this ideal?

Not at all. God made man and woman to make children together. Children suffer from the lack of 1 or the other. They need both parents for balance. Even though we know in many cases it’s not so. 

What conversations will come about after seeing this play?
So many! Hopefully how children are affected from the lack of both participating when they have the choice. Some will reflect on their own personal challenges that they identify with on our stage. Some will seek a spiritual resolution within themselves and for the relationships they have as result of seeing the power of  forgiveness. 

You’ve had such a legendary career – how has it prepared you for this role?
Everything in life I’ve encountered since childhood has prepared me for this role. However, working with Tyler Perry in Diary of a Mad Black Woman prepared me for urban theatre! Lots of comedic adlibs and emotional roller coasters! Working with some of the legends like Prince, Michael J, and Stevie groomed me for the mega-stages.

Last but not least, what’s a beauty gem you must have on-hand before
hitting the stage? 

My gold highlight powder for my apple cheeks!
images provided by Juanita Stephens 
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