Marvin is just touching the tip of the iceberg in his acting career. To date he can be seen on Queen of the South’s final season on Netflix, the anthology series, Tales Of the Walking Dead on AMC, and The Color Purple, expected to be released sometime. 

Please tell us who is Marvin LáViolette?

Marvin: Marvin Laviolette is a man of ambition, passion, understanding, and drive. Middle child born in America to Haitian parents. I’m innovative & eccentric and diverse in my family and American culture.


With dance being your first love, how did you know that it would be your career forever? 

Marvin: Dance was my first love in my teens. I loved it but didn’t know where I wanted to go with it. I didn’t know if it was going to be my career. Just because you love something doesn’t mean you should always have to pursue it. I was told by a mentor to show up and be consistent and everything will play into the way it needs to pursue what makes my calling great to me! -Wilson Santil

What was the experience like learning from Juilliard, one of the most sought-after schools?

Marvin: It was exhilarating and brief. Full of lessons and experiences that I have taken to heart and mind and still apply today as an artist.


Can you tell us about your experience working on the Queen of the South and how that came about?

Marvin: My experience was as I imagined it yet until I lived it, I could have never known. It was a beautiful story in Mexican culture, so when it came to my character (Jonny Mac) and him being Haitian, the role was so genuine and authentic to me. My culture was introduced to the story and was such a beautiful and filling experience.

You also had the opportunity on the Tales of the Walking Dead & The Color Purple, what was that experience like? 

Marvin: It was amazing to finally get to work with the Director and Executive Producer Michael Satrazemis & Samantha Morton. They had a big influence on me, as they were in The Walking Dead originals, which I loved. I felt like I brought the new world of the walking dead to the screen.

It definitely felt like I was being handed over the torch to continue The Walking Dead’s legacy.

It was an all-around amazing experience to work on The Color Purple. I grew up watching that movie so many times and to now be immersed in that world and actually be a part of the story now, is mind-blowing.

What can viewers expect to experience from the upcoming release, The Color Purple in 2023? 

Marvin: New scenes to laugh, cry and connect with when it comes to our culture. This film will definitely be a new cult classic.

What’s next for Marvin LáViolette?

Marvin: I just wrapped a new sci-fi comedy show on AMC called DEMASCUS. It’s a different role than I’m used to portraying but I’m so excited to be a part of it and really show the world my range. I play Arnez, a coworker & good friend of DEMASCUS. He gets pulled into multiple realities with him using new innovative technology.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview? 

Marvin: I want my experiences to explain & give perspective, that if you can imagine it then it became your reality.

How can people connect with you? 

Marvin: IG @_Marvelous_Official / Twitter @MarvinLOfficial / FB/Meta: @MarvinLaviolette

You can catch me at neighborhood weekend pop-ups if you’re in LA!

Photo Credits: Mike Merrill