After Mary Harvin was told that she should pursue her endeavor to provide self-care body solutions, she decided that she wouldn’t allow others’ projections to stop her from pursuing her goals.

Tell us about the UdrinkiMake Mobile Bartending Experience. 

UdrinkImake is a Mobile Bartending experience I created six years ago. We are self-proclaimed Celebrity Bartenders. In the Metro Detroit area, we are one of the originators of the Mobile Bartending scene in Detroit & I’m definitely one of the influencers for starting this service nationwide. When we show up to an event, we are proficient, efficient & top shelf all around. Our level of service is unmatched, that’s what keeps us booked despite the surge of many new inexperienced & uncertified bartenders.

What do you believe separates UdrinkiMake from other Mobile Bartending Companies?

We stay ahead of the crowd because we are not playing follow the leader, we are the leader. That gives us a space to thrive & continue to be the trailblazing innovators that we are! All of our staff are highly experienced individuals!

What inspired you to start UdrinkImake? 

I was inspired to start Udrinkimake after I had my second child, Milan, in 2015. I spent the remainder of that year yearning for more in my life. I specifically wanted to be able to get paid on my phone, I wanted to hear that chime that goes off when money is received, I needed it in my life. I decided to get a website built to be able to showcase the drinks I had made to prospective employers. I thought I was doing all of this, to get a better restaurant job. However, while in the process of building the website, I was proposed with the question, “what is your business?” I was perplexed because this was a job not building a business. At that moment UdrinkImake was born. I finally ended up replying with Bartender for hire. In the beginning, the term Mobile Bartender hadn’t been coined yet, and bartending how I was looking to do it, hadn’t seen. I wanted to do brand bartending, and that’s exactly what I did.

What are some of your favorite or memorable moments serving Udrinkimake? 

My most memorable UdrinkImake moment would have to be my first event, which took place in 2016. I was so nervous. I stayed up all night designing cups for an Easter event. My husband and children came with me, as well as my cousins.  This was the first event in the Detroit area with a bartender onsite as a mobile bartender. From this moment, my business took off.

We noticed you are a huge fan of RHOA. Tell us about your experience in meeting and servicing RHOA cast members Kandi Burrus, and Drew Sidora. Are you considering making an RHOA drink?

Yes, I am a huge RHOA fan! Being able to provide service to Kandi Burrus was such a great experience! This event alone really helped rocket us into the realm of Celebrity Bartenders. Kandi was gracious, beautiful & approachable. She is definitely one of my favorite Celebrity clientele that we have serviced. When I met Drew Sidora, she was very down-to-earth & just plain cool! I loved meeting Drew & I definitely loved her expressions when she found out about our UcareImake Edible Sugar Scrubs.

When I recently traveled to Las Vegas, I also had the pleasure of meeting Dennis McKinley. He was nice & approachable as well. I had to introduce myself, seeing as he is originally from Detroit too. I guess this definitely means it’s time for the RHOA Signature Beverage that only UdrinkImake can do!

UdrinkImake was selected to appear in its first film, tell us about that experience.

That was a wonderful experience. One thing about me, I love the black cinema scene in Detroit. I watch all the movies and love the actors & actresses. When I found out UdrinkImake would be in one of these movies, I was ecstatic. It was great to see the flow behind the scenes. The dopest part is seeing the previews and seeing pictures & videos of me and my company at work. Then, while watching the movie, the scene showed our setup, and I was beyond thrilled. A huge thanks goes to the producer Bigg Von & Natasha Lee of Being That Girl for the opportunity.

Who are some celebrities you would like to bartend for?

I definitely have a list of Celebs I will provide service for. Cardi B is number one after P. Diddy, Jay-Z & Oprah. This list will come to fruition.

Udrinkimake has a KID Mock Tail component, Cupcake Rainbow, please share with us what Cupcake Rainbow is and how did this business come to life?

Cupcake Rainbow came to life from my daughter Mariah watching me get ready for events. I would tell her I was going to bartend parties that were not for her, so she insisted I do some parties that were for her. From that, I decided at age 6, Mariah was ready to start her own business. That’s exactly what we did. My baby became the President of Cupcake Rainbow. Her endeavors have been successful.

Tell Us about your new business venture UCAREIMAKE. What is it? How and why did you start the company?

UcareImake is my new baby! I can’t say I never expected to have a cosmetics line, but that would be a lie. As a child, I did nails. I’m talking real child prodigy, laying full sets with nail art at the age of 10. I wanted so badly to create my own nail polish. I would come up with different kinds, that weren’t available then, but are now.   I fell in love with Mathematics & Chemistry, studying a dual major at Michigan State University. Although I did not complete this degree, my love for mathematics and chemistry is still with me. Starting UcareImake has brought this vision fullcircle. It has taught me that a dream never ends, it may get derailed or postponed, but it doesn’t have to end. UcareImake is a cosmetic line of sugar scrubs & body oils that leave you feeling smooth with a great smell and taste!  Our products are hand-crafted. Some flavors include Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop & Mojito to name a few. We look forward to continuing to drop new flavors seasonally. This is a perfect balance for me, this allows me to mix taste like a bartender & kid with function like a chemist, best of both worlds!

Where can we find you online? 

I personally can be found on Facebook, look for Mary Harvin. Please make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Snapchat @udrinkimake & @ucareimake. We can still be reached via phone via calls and text @ 734-506-6594.

Photo Credits: Raw Refined Visuals x Being That Girl