Many are using their time to hone in on their writing projects.  Some are working on books, publishing and blogs.  Author, Chaundra Scott, is here for all of it.  However, she is urging writers to Read Between the Lines using her new guided journal.  Scott has written four children’s books titled:  Curls and Coils, Beautiful Shades, The All-Star and Sweet Dreams.  Scott had many challenges during her self publishing journey and hopes to provide insight to other authors who may not know the ins and outs.  Her journal is set to provide reflection, insight and working knowledge for growth.  

This interactive journal provides strategy information in 10 sections.  Each section also includes a worksheet to format your thoughts, story ideas and more.  Each section also has a daily planner page in order for the author to plan their needed tasks accordingly. Read Between the Lines also serves as a motivational journal.  Each page features motivating quotes from famous and beloved African American authors.  The journal also includes blank pages for note-taking and more.

photo by Lasting Memories Photography

Chaundra is hoping to assist more writers in organizing their skill set and marketing their brands for perfection beyond selling their work.  She is determined to instill the value of making connections, improving writing skills and using available resources.  Not only does her new book assist in writing skills, but it covers the value of networking, using available resources such as social media and ways in which an author can successfully market their projects.  Read Between the Lines is not only for aspiring authors.  It is suitable for current authors, freelance writers and bloggers.  All writers share similar writing outcomes and this guided journal is a benefit for all.

Read Between the Lines is available here and also on Amazon.  Direct purchases from the author’s Curls and Coils website will also include 1 free motivational bookmark.  Her children’s books may also be purchased here as well.  To connect with author Chaundra Scott please follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils or email her at  

Featured Image by All Hail Zova LLC