NEWARK, NJ – The Jewelz Foundation, in collaboration with cultural icons Master P and Snoop Dogg, announces the next chapter of the Captain Ace & K-9 Team Enrichment Fun Program at George Washington Carver Elementary School, located at 333 Clinton Pl, Newark, NJ 07112.

This dynamic program, inspired by their mission to reshape education, is rapidly gaining momentum, and we are honored to have the likes of Master P and Snoop Dogg support and champion this cause. Their participation not only amplifies the significance of this initiative but also underscores the power of resilience, innovation, and dreaming big.

Master P, a music industry legend and successful entrepreneur, and Snoop Dogg, an acclaimed music icon and influential figure in business and philanthropy, have endorsed the program, imbuing it with their unique flair. Their involvement lends a contemporary hip-hop element to the learning experience, making it more engaging for our students.

The Captain Ace & K-9 Team Enrichment Fun Program is a one-of-a-kind initiative that seamlessly integrates diverse subjects such as aviation and basketball with a range of educational topics. With the goal of nurturing curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and inspiring a lifelong love of learning, the program aspires to mold well-rounded, confident individuals.

The inception of the enrichment program at the school was due to the efforts of the school’s music teacher, Mr. Brown. After Mr. Brown introduced the idea, Jewelz Foundation Inc. joined the initiative, and thus the enrichment program came into existence.

“The Captain Ace program offers a fun, yet impactful educational experience that is enthusiastically received by both students and teachers.” — Mr. Brown

This launch will give attendees a glimpse of the engaging and comprehensive curriculum of Captain Ace & K-9 Team, designed to resonate with students’ aspirations and real-world experiences. 

For more information about the Captain Ace & K-9 Team Enrichment Fun Program and the Jewelz Foundation, visit or contact Kendra Hall at

About Jewelz Foundation:

The Jewelz Foundation is dedicated to revolutionizing education by creating innovative, holistic experiences that instill a love for learning, develop practical skills, encourage critical thinking, and nurture well-rounded individuals ready to face the future with confidence and curiosity.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Jewelz Foundation