Master storyteller and award-winning filmmaker and producer Charles Mattocks explores the state of health in the black church, while also taking a deep dive of the disparities in health facing the black community.

Charles is best known as a worldwide diabetes advocate who is the executive producer and creator of the Reversed TV series that focuses on improving the lives of those living with Type 2 diabetes. Charles, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at 40 years old has made this his mission to not only save his life but the life of others.

He is a published author with the American diabetes association, a Blue circle champion with the International diabetes federation and appears on such shows as CNN, Dr Oz, The Today Show and scores more sharing his passion of better health and diabetes.

With two successful seasons, he has now turned his focus to the issues in healthcare and how to improve the health of the black community utilizing the church as a cornerstone to change. He will travel the country as he speaks with some of the best doctors, experts, pastors and members of the black church and black community to shine light on the plague of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and the food industry. This two part series will air later this September on COX Network nationwide and other digital platforms.

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