Maxi skirts..A Trend that Never Ended? 

Something I thought about? I’m seeing a lot of maxi skirts being worn these past years.

 What is considered a maxi skirt? 

Maxi (Maximum) is actually a long skirt that hits right above your ankles. Which is awesome because people with myself included, whose height is not considered tall can still enjoyed the style.

Maxi skirt styles are made of different materials cotton, polyester, jean etc. It can fit close around the waist but flows loosely at the bottom. This makes it comfortable this summer inspite of hot weather. 

At first when it was suggested for me to wear this maxi skirt by my fashion stylist I had my doubts but once I tried it on I loved it.

 I actually feel comfortable wearing it with a simple t-shirts or a dressy blouse. Heels or Flats works. 

The good thing about maxi skirts I think any age can enjoy the style and also at any time of the year. I’m going to get some more in different colors.

Photo Credits: Jabari Wade Sr & Jabari Wade Jr