“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

At some point, we all wanted to be the IT girls in real life after watching the iconic movie “Mean Girls.”

It was simple.

Wear designer. Look pretty. Be rude. Get attention.

However, this type of behavior is disgusting and should not be used as the ideal “IT” girl.

What are mean girls and why are they so popularized in today’s society?

Let me explain.

Welcome To My Ted Talk.

Mean girls are individuals who live for attention. They feed off of the insecurities of others (mostly other women) to feel good about themselves.

These types of girls are usually bullies and are apart of groups that consider themselves elite.

They’re the ‘perfect’ girls that all the guys want and who all the girls want to be.

In reality, they’re not as confident as they portray.

So why are they popularized in today’s society?

This is an image that the media industry wants to hold on to. It’s similar to the popular high school, football player image given to young men.

The media industry has a huge influence on the views of many young people. This image is seen as relatable, especially to “middle schoolers” who are trying to figure out their new profound identity when they get in high school.

You can either be the lame bookworm who gets bullied or the girl that does the bullying.

In my opinion, the ideal “IT” girl isn’t anyone who is self-absorbed and finds pleasure in other’s pain. It’s anyone who is comfortable with whom he or she is.

“IT” girls don’t need designer nor do they need to put down others to gain confidence/attention.

Let’s popularize this image instead.