The overall collective of 1501 Certified Ent. carries a family like bond with an in-depth understanding and discipline of the entertainment business. Carl Crawford has established himself as a dominant figure in both entertainment and in sports. Deemed The Perfect Storm the MLB legend interrupted the pattern of “Athlete turned Rapper” and took it a step further by creating the 1501 Certified Entertainment Label and earning the badge of a Mogul in music. The conglomerate gained traction when signing names like Megan Thee Stallion and Erica Banks the label has served as more than a safe space for talented female artists, but as a hub for all artists to gain a sense of structure and truly perfect their craft. 

On their Atlanta leg of a hectic press tour, the 1501 team stopped through to several events alongside major artists in the city. The first stop was a media mixer hosted at Atlanta’s Dezyna House Studio and organized by Media Girls Network. The event was packed full of multiple media outlets, a fully engaged audience, and amazing Q&A’s with both Carl Crawford and two of 1501’s newest artists Martina Marie and D-Raww both who have recently released projects under the label. The event was coordinated as a networking tool amongst media personnel, and the label. However, the upbeat ambiance, and large engagements allowed for the event to be the perfect avenue to introduce these two Houston based stars to their now tuned in Atlanta audience.

Mr. Crawford’s candid Q&A with Sheen Correspondent Jelisa Racquel, and Media Girl’s April B & DJ A-Rod allowed the audience to gain further knowledge on how he has established this powerhouse label, and his doting pride for his artists and their success. He even dropped some gems on how independent artists can establish longevity in their careers. Both Martina and D-Raww’s performances were full of energy and were definitely one of the highlights of the event. 

Next up was Coalition Dj’s 14th anniversary hosted at Atlanta’s Belif Music Hall. The event celebrated 14 years of establishing talent and connectivity in entertainment. A night with performances from Boosie, Martina Marie, Gorilla Zoe, D-Raww, Erica Banks and many more! The energy serged at the arrival of the entire 1501 Certified Crew. The crowd was definitely in awe of each artist. Erica Banks took to the stage with a captivating performance from start to finish. The night was an epic close to their Atlanta visit and our time getting to know more about the label and the force behind it. Proving why this label is a well oiled machine only consistently advancing forward.

Written by Mariah Spearmen