The entertainment foundation of  GENEUS is comprised  of Aasha Lewis-Redway and Danielle Meeks. The duo focuses on independent artists who are looking to make a name for themselves musically. They saw that many talented people were being overlooked or turned away for not fitting into a company’s restrictive mold. Geneus could not allow that to continue, as they felt a skilled artist should never be passed.

Both Aasha and Danielle began their professional careers in music in areas such as marketing and digital production. Aasha even worked for labels as big as Sony Music Entertainment and JIVE Records! It was not until post 2011, that they saw an avenue for creating a record company of their own. They named Geneus after Aasha’s father and boisterous gospel singer, Eugene Lewis. His passion spilled onto Aasha and led her down the fruitful path she is going down today.

The emergence of the global pandemic was a shift in how the two conducted their business. Danielle felt that out of the many negative things that could have happened, they were able to increase their connections across the globe. Aasha seconds the statement, as she feels they have only expanded their business with networking opportunities. In the beginning of 2021, they formulated the idea to create an award show ‘The Geneus Indie Music Awards’ to highlight independent artists and all the work they put in.

Maternal support is what the women at Geneus R Us found kept their motivation alive. It also astounded them in seeing other Black women scratch and climb their way to the top of their fields. While they have both noticed the lack of corporate support, they are confident that their determination will get them to where they need to be. Aside from being moguls, both women enjoy their leisure time when it is granted. Danielle thoroughly enjoys photography, while Aasha’s greatest joy comes from spending time with her son.

In the next year, they are looking forward to hosting yet another Indie Award Show for the hottest upcoming artists of 2022. They also intend on attending more big events and providing additional coverage on music. Follow them via their individual profiles Danielle (@_Meekss) and Aasha (@Aashalr) or their joint pages on all platforms (@geneusrus).




All images by DOPEi Photography