Justin Kase has taken photos in multiple cities, everything from A-listers on red carpets.  During COVID lockdowns, he was able to shoot some stunning landscapes.

Through it all, he focuses on two things: how to make people look good and how to make himself stay positive. Interestingly, both are connected.

“One of the best compliments I get is when a high-profile client tells me they loved my pictures because they’re unique,” he said.

The owner of Justin Kase Photography and entrepreneur recently shared his philosophy as an artist and advice he gives others interested in the business of capturing people’s inner or outer beauty.

How did you get started?

Photography was really a progression from how I loved working with entertainers and newsmakers. I originally worked in radio, studying under people like Greg Street, Sam Weaver and Steve Crumbley. I also had a show in several markets. But then I wanted to find ways to use my skills in different ways and have control over them. I remembered that I always had an eye for photography. I love watching how people move, which makes me think about how they will photograph.

What do you do differently than other photographers?

I’m a ham! People look at me and laugh. I try to be happy and make sure everyone there is having a good time. This helps people warm up quickly. I’ve worked with people who don’t know what to do or how to act. But I try to be funny and natural.

Who do you like taking pictures of?

We all want to look good. The only difference between celebrities and non-celebrities is that the first group is used to their pictures being taken, being dressed nicely and having makeup and hair done. But at the same time, they’re not always as open to trying different angles or doing something a little more artistic. Non-celebrities can be more flexible but sometimes they see what I’ve taken of celebrities and think their photos will look like that too. I’ve taken photos on the red carpets that no one sees since people get a little crazy. These are the ones that really stand out to me since they’re unique and get them being a little different.  I also sometimes get celebrities who I’ve met at events who ask me to shoot something more personal for them, like a baby shower or anniversary.

photo by Rebecca Benham

What advice can you give other photographers?

The basics: know your craft and equipment and work hard. Be grateful for all things. This gives good energy and opens doors since people deal with you differently. Get rid of the negative. 

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Featured Image by Mickulus Rubin