Meet Craft Keepers Inc. and their founder Tivon Skinner. Tivon believes that all scholars learn differently; during his eight years teaching as a special education teacher, he discovered that his students thrived more in a classroom community that used a more engaging approach. Tivon Skinner has a degree in Communications and a Master’s in Education, he teaches for the DOE but he also DJ’s as well. It was this unique perspective that in 2016 Tivon stepped out of the traditional classroom with a clear vision to help impact as many students as he could, to spread the arts meets academic approach to learning, this has led to many STEM, STEAM, and SEL curriculums being created. 

Since then his company has partnered with schools and various organizations throughout the New York tri-state area and beyond; they host five annual giveaway events to support the communities in need. Craft Keepers Inc has a mantra ‘where the art leaves the mark’ and this begins with the students they help right through to the communities they become a part of. 

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Featured Image provided by Craftkeepers, Inc.