Curtis Collins shows major promise in his newfound Sports & Entertainment Management company Creative Culture by pairing with Roc Nation & Pusharod for a Social Summit.

For most retired professional athletes finding a life after retirement is a challenge in itself. But just at 28 years old Curtis Collins seemed to make a seamless transition from X athlete to business mogul in short span of time. Today Curtis opens up to us about his transition from the fi eld to working in the fi eld. The young Successful Sports and Recording artist manager Has found his footing with navigating through sports and music scene.

Within three years he has managed to add clients to his company. Names such as WNBA star Tyasha Harris, Lions cornerback Craig James, Recording Artist Tay2xs, Colts linebacker Segun Olubi, NFL network broadcaster Robert Turbin and many more. Curtis has found a way to bridge the gap between Associating to reality for his company, working with the biggest brands and names in the game.

This summer the newly known sports management & entertainment company creative culture. Is set to partner up with PushaRod Founder of creative soundz for its very first Creative Summit. The event is set to highlight vet’s and newcomers to the entertainment and sports industry.

The pairing Between Pusharod & Curtis Collins is a major milestone in the music industry in itself. The Grammy Award winning Pusharod is a prominent figure in modern day music scene most note able for a seven and half year run as VP and A&R of urban music at Interscope – GEFFEN A&M, cultivating a roster that includes rich the kid, Moneybag Yo, Kamaiyah, Ian Connor, Neechie, Arin Ray, Mitch, AND Co Cash. Founder & owner of Creative Soundz Records.

The purpose of this event is to give insight on how the new age of Industry is in transition. And also, to keep everybody in tune with the new wave of how art and music are being created from various platforms- Curtis Collins.

The industry doesn’t look the same any more the head guys from the 80’s and 90’s doesn’t run the shows no more. It’s time for a face lift with the game and how we approach it. – Curtis Collins

The event is set to take place at the DL in Manhattan New York. The planned date is scheduled for July 12, 2024. Be on the lookout on Creative culture social media pages for more information on the event.

Image Curtis Collins Speaks at Career Day at his Alma mater Pike High School. [Photo by Ty Nibbs]