This year the Twindle Foundation gave away its first $5000 scholarship and the recipient is Damanni Alsberry.  Damanni is a 2021 graduate from Washington High School in Charles Town, WV. This upcoming fall he will be transitioning to the next phase of his journey as a freshman at Kentucky University.

In Damanni’s essay, he talked about his roots; where he grew up and how he plans to give back to his community and making a difference. His dream is to become a Physical Therapist. Damanni looks forward to helping patients regain their strength; he also wants to help his community regain its strength as well. Damanni grew up in a small town with not many options to offer the youths. He believes in community and wants to breathe life into his community. He wants to partner with organizations and build a state-of-the-art recreational center on 20 acres of land in his hometown. Damanni wants the people of his community to have something that they could be proud of. He expressed, as a kid growing up and playing basketball, those late-night practices being so far away left him drained the next day. He wants the kids to have an easier and more accessible facility for them to use. He wants everything to basically be free; the only thing that would cost would be tickets for games and concessions.

Damanni believes bringing a recreational center to his community, can open the doors for a lot more fellowship, family events, and also a way to create revenue to the city of Summit Point. There would be more jobs available, the city can host sport tournaments or large events, and could even create an after-school program that will help so many students and parents. Community is important to Damanni. He wants the younger generation to grow up and have more opportunities, to have a safe place to hang out, and possibly even summer camps. Creating a state-of-the-art recreational center would help change Summit Point in a good way.

Damanni is a great example to his community. His heart and vision, shows great leadership skills. Being able to see a need and wanting to do something about it, shows character. As a leader, having a vison for your community, shows that you can look into the future.

Giving back to the community is something that the Twindle Foundation supports. Community and family is especially important. The Twindle Foundation creates opportunities for others and hope that its paid forward.

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