Dr. Candice “C.C.” Weaver graduated from UC Berkeley, where she studied Public Health Policy. She earned her medical degree from Touro University and completed residency training through UCSF. She served three years in the National Health Service Corps. She is a double-board certified physician, practicing Family and Lifestyle Medicine.
In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Weaver is a wife and mother of three, a community activist, a published author, and an accomplished baking artist.

Do you believe in work-life balance? How do you achieve it? 

Dr. C.C: My wellness journey has taught me that balance is not about better time management, it’s about better boundary management. There is absolutely no way that I could balance being a physician with three young kids without setting healthy boundaries.  The trick is not to prioritize what’s on my schedule but to schedule my priorities. I purposefully prioritize things like exercise, baking, beautifying my space, and entertaining at home.  I set aside a couple of hours per day for an activity that brings joy to myself and those around me.

You’ve been on a Food Network baking show and are known for amazing and unique cookies. What do patients/colleagues think of that very unique accomplishment? 

Dr. C.C: My patients and colleagues seem to be amused by my baking.  They certainly benefit, since I’ve been known to make cookies for their baby showers, retirements, or weddings.  I recently hosted a cookie class for about 100 physicians in my practice, and it was a lot of fun.

Have you ever incorporated medical themes in your baking?

Dr. C.C: My life involves so many things besides being a physician, so my cookies are reflective of a wide variety of my interests.  Many of my cookies are custom portraits of friends, family, or celebrities.  I also have made cookies with themes for social causes or in honor of Black women.

Where can our readers connect with you online? 

Dr. C.C: I document my journey on Instagram, aptly named, “Ceasydoesit.”  It is my goal to show others that Dr. C.C. does it, and they can, too.

What’s the best way for our viewers to connect with you?

Dr. C.C:  Instagram:


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dr. C.C.