“Fashion forward can mean being tasteful but inexpensive, sexy but covered, and unique but inclusive of black- or brown-owned storefronts!” –Dr. Dre

Just when we thought that being a doctor is hard, Dr. Andrea Alexander juggles it with her other passion, fashion blogging. Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Alexander knew that she wanted to be a doctor at a very young age.

After receiving her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine in 2015, Dr. Alexander proceeded to residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas in Houston right away. Her hard work definitely paid off as she was featured by Forbes.

Outside of her medical passion, Dr. Alexandra enjoys fashion blogging. You heard that right, this gynecologist is a fashion icon among doctors. With her large following, Dr. Andrea is commonly known to her audience as Dr. Dre.

Using her blogging website Paging Dr. Dre, this strong, independent woman shares health, fitness, beauty, and fashion advice to thousands of people worldwide.

Fashion staples Rihanna and Gwen Stefani are her inspiration. Dr. Dre’s favorite designers are YSL, The Blonds New York, DSquared2, Charlie Cushnie, and Peter Dundas. 

Dr. Dre started her fashion blog in 2015. Five years later, she fondly looks back to when she used to dress in her brother’s old hand-me downs. Alternatively, her mom would pick horrific outfits for her (we all had those moments). 

On top of that, Dr. Dre’s natural curls perfectly complement her outfits, leaving viewers in awe.  If there’s one advice from this fashion blogger and doctor worth keeping, it’s remaining true to who you are, even if your fashion choices are met with lots of comments and stares. 

Check her website’s homepage and Instagram  to see how fashionable she is!

Photo credit: Rome Godson