Fashion has a new name, and it only answers to BURNS BRIMS! The specialized fedora line has been in business for years and is continually growing from here. They regularly make brims for everyone from celebrities to your most classic business owner. Burns Brims prides themselves on creating gender-neutral designs that are suitable for all. All they need is a sense of style and a flair for the magic that is Burns Brims.

The owner, Marquise Burns, has had a love for stylish hat wear since he was a young teen. He has been an artist and a creator ever since he can remember. He took those skills and used them to create an empire on what he fondly calls “crowns.” Fedoras gave him a level of confidence that he thought everyone should have. He has continued his mission to provide a level of confidence to all who choose Burns Brims.

The main goal of the said shop is to bring art to one’s home and closet. They aim to be a household name worldwide with their unique and quality brims. To date, Marquise lists his favorite design as one titled “Spike Valley,” which he says best represents life’s ups and downs. A notable client for Burns Brims is legendary comedian and actor JB Smoove. He has regularly worn the brand, including on late-night television such as the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Have no fear if you’re looking for a custom design. Burns Brims does those as well. In addition, limited numbered collections are scheduled to be released as well. The best advice Burns would give others who want to become entrepreneurs would be to stay motivated. He stresses the importance of never giving up on your dreams, no matter how small your beginnings are. You can follow the brand on Instagram @Burnsbrims, and Marquise himself can be followed on the same platform under @Mrwide_world or

Photos courtesy of @insightphotographynwk & Burns Brims