Passionate about healthy hair care, an expert in lace wig care and installation, Shemika Jackson, founder of Kafune Amor Hair, has helped hundreds of women feel more beautiful and confident while they’re wearing lace wigs. A talented entrepreneur with a gift for connecting with others, Shemika transformed her personal experience with wearing wigs, due to scarring alopecia, into a thriving business that provides custom hair units, lace wigs and other hair loss solutions and products to women who want to look their best. While others view Shemika as a woman who “works a lot,” she sees herself much differently. You see, through Shemika’s eyes, she is a woman who gets to spend time doing what she loves – using her skills, expertise, and life lessons to provide women with the resources, guidance, and tools they need to feel beautiful again.

Among her many accomplishments, Shemika is most proud of having the courage and resilience to launch her own company and adopting a mindset for success. As a result of her business acumen and diligence, Shemika was named in the Forbes Next 1000 2021 list of entrepreneurs to watch. Shemika is well-versed in various topics, from entrepreneurship to hair and wig care. Business topics include building brand awareness, securing startup funds, and creating a 6-figure business in 1 year. Hair and wig care topics include hair loss, installing a lace wig, getting the proper measurements for a great fitting wig and sourcing hair in other countries.

SHEEN had the opportunity to get to know this mogul in the making a little bit more…..listen in.

How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

I had to be vulnerable and honest in order to enhance the lives of others. I have used my influence to help others feel comfortable talking about something dear and sensitive. My influence has also made others aware of the challenges that some of us black women experience in the beauty industry. I was able to show women that they have options when it comes to hair loss. A woman who has lost a part of her identity may feel defeated and down. But hair is just one physical part of who you are and not the full capacity of why you’re here on this earth. I have used my influence to help others understand the importance of protecting their natural hairline so that if or when they decide to wear a lace wig, they will be able to do it with knowing that they can do it safely and in a healthy manner. And lastly, I have used my influence to help women feel more confident and excited about life in general (beyond the hair).

How do you plan to make noise this first quarter of 2022?

I plan on launching another glue-less lace wig installation product that I have been working on for the past year and a half. This custom formulated product is great for women that do not want to use glue to attach their lace wig. This product has the consistency of a hair cream. It’s gentle on the skin yet can firmly hold the lace wig in place. I also plan to launch lace wig installation challenges for women who do not know how to install their own lace wig. Some women don’t want to pay $100s of dollars for a 1 or 2-week install or they do not want to wear their wig on their head like it’s a hat either. This 2-day challenge will have you installing your lace wig like a lace melting boss!

What is the mantra that you live by?

My story is already written; therefore, when there is a delay, I call it in my favor.

How can people connect with you?



Phone: 877-657-5547



Photos courtesy of Shemika Jackson