Digital marketer and high-society entrepreneur, Alex Quin, is in the business of pure elevation. Brands reach out to the mogul for assistance in overall appeal and increase of revenue. In addition to helping businesses grow, Quin owns a handful of businesses whether he is making gripping films or starring on his successful podcasts “Hustle Influences Hustle” and “Detrás Del Éxito con Alex Quin”. He is currently seen as a familiar face on RichMusic’s podcast station Morplay Academy as on air talent and thought leader in the entertainment industry. Alex is also known as being a partner of the highly publicized Contrast Magazine.

Though born in the States, Alex Quin spent part of his childhood in Colombia and Mexico with his mother before finally returning to the United States. They arrived just in time for him to start elementary school. Spanish was his first language, but as a natural overachiever, he was able to adopt English in no time. Through it all, his mother remained his number one mentor and still inspires him to this day for her accomplishments in the world of entertainment.

In 2017 he spoke on the panel of “An Empowered You ” at Florida International University. It was an event by PUMA where Alex was featured as a special guest. He discussed the importance of building teams and having equality in the workspace. Specifically equal pay.  In 2021, he hosted “The WOMEN UP Project”, an event dedicated to the empowerment of women in music. Reflecting upon his mothers experience in the entertainment business is one of the main drivers for him to become involved in these women’s inclusiveness events.

The gift of gab is something Quin has been given from the beginning. In 2019 Quin was offered a distribution agreement for his first podcast “Hustle Inspires Hustle” where he featured some of the most prominent business and entertainment leaders in the US. The moment the distributors  heard the experienced marketer’s voice, they knew they were on to something. The podcast has featured business leaders like Andy Frisella, Randi Zuckerberg, and Grant Cardone. His most recent collaboration is with Morplay Academy, a branch of RichMusic. They, too, sought partnership with him and brought him on to their division known to only recruit the top players in the entertainment business industry. The network distributes content with artists like Justin Quiles, Sech, Dalex, Feid, and Farruko to name a few. Alex’s debut episode was with “Despacito” creator, Luis Fonsi.

Adding to his already full stack of achievements, Quin also executive produces projects for his business Contrast Magazine. He states his dream feature would be J. Cole because the rapper composes lyrics that relate to his audience. His words that hold substance speak to Quin and he and his partner Michael Monroe are ready to give J. Cole the recognition he deserves. Along those lines, he too, wants the powerful message in a film he produced “Take A Ride: Miami” . In the visual, the gang violence in the electric city is highlighted as a cautionary tale to others. Alex and his business partner as well as actor, Anthon Samuel, are currently bringing the powerful title to various film festivals and streaming networks.

Philanthropy is something that rings close to home for Alex Quin. He regularly donates athletic equipment and school to underprivileged neighborhoods in Miami  so that the youths can remain occupied and motivated. The key piece of advice that he gives those who are looking to become an entrepreneur is to remain consistent and love what you do. He advises you must always remain punctual, kind, and ethical to establish connections you will eventually need. However, more advice and business tips can be heard for free on his podcast by streaming on any digital platform. Alex can also be followed on Instagram @alexquin and via his website,

Photo credit : Lester J Santos for red chair & Nathalia Cole