Rest and relaxation are the words that describe Sistahs at Well, but there is one moreā€¦ growth. The retreat is centered around providing a bonding experience for all who attend the venture. During the days of adventure, teams of influencers, nutritionists, psychologists, and more speak to the attendees so that they may reach their best selves. At the center of the retreat, is the founder and creator of the event, Jacqueline Glass. She has made it her mission to address and heal generational trauma and the burden of combating health issues by providing a stress-free environment.

Sistahs at the Well is the umbrella of The Girlfriend Getaway and Sistah Soul Nutrition. Jacqueline found the inspiration to create this other branch when she, herself, was fighting  chronic disease that interfered with her quality of life. Finding out she was not suffering alone, she decided to make others who were dealing with the same see that they too, have a whole community behind them. During the Getaway, experts will talk about combating high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Saint Maarten has recently experienced an increase of diabetic patients due to the influx of foods from the U.S. It is her belief that these diseases can be improved, sometimes even reversed with lifestyle changes.

Glass credits her good friend Cheryl Strickland, former chef to comedian Tracy Morgan, for her outlook on life. She survived stage 4 cancer due to being healthy enough to undertake trials for immunotherapy. This would be the 2nd Annual Sistahs at the Well getaway due to the tremendous success of the first go around. She feels that the celebrities and speakers in attendance adopt an equal attitude, so guests are understanding that they are all on the same level. The pressure to be intimidated is not a factor for anyone. Glass sees the bond that develops when everyone is participating in the welcome party, daily group sessions and the signature all-white party.

Sistahs at the Well has had a plethora of guests and will be bringing on some new faces including Chef Babette, Mecca Tartt, and Dr. Alduan Tartt. They are also introducing a new mother-daughter session that will service over 25 mother-daughter pairs. The event has been supported for many years by actress Nicole Ari Parker, Boris Kodjoe, and their family. A collaboration with 40+ Double Dutch has also been vital as Glass feels the childlike activity brings fun to the event. In addition, they are even shooting a documentary regarding the health of black women. Jacqueline Glass is very proud of the success Sistahs at the Well has seen and looks forward to an even better year!   Follow on social media @sistahsatthewell

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