The entrepreneur was born in Cleveland, Ohio but was raised in the Washington, DC, area. Jamal’s mother and father served as inspiration for him growing up and continue to inspire him today. In 2001, he lived in Atlanta before briefly returning to D.C in 2008. Mobley moved to New York in 2010, keeping an east coast theme, where he now resides. As a child, Jamal held his musical background where he trained in the alto saxophone, piano and sang beautiful lyrics. He spent a brief moment as a writer and MC who got the party hype but found his true calling in management.

He has also worked briefly with Quincy Jones. Mobley worked with the legend on a project dear to his heart and looks forward to additional collaborations with Jones and his team in the future. The executive applied the motivation he collected from making these major moves when he met the challenge of running a business after the emergence of COVID. He went from booking live shows for his clients to restructuring how his members could maintain their success.

Mobley would recommend all newcomers, no matter the occupation, to always think bigger. With the appropriate planning and trusting oneself, nothing can stand in one’s way to success. In his reputable opinion, networking is also the key to having a sustainable career, specifically when it comes to management. In 2022, he wants to shift his business into the TV and movie sectors. He is also in the process of creating his own production and publishing companies.

You can follow the mogul on Instagram at @incognitojm.

Photo courtesy of Incognito Management Group LLC.

It is only the best for clients of Jamal Mobley, Managing Director of Incognito Management Group LLC. The company prides itself on the elevation of artists of various genres. Incognito Management Group specializes in branding, marketing, and A&R for those who want the highest quality of service. As a result, talented musicians contact the brand with expectations exceeded regularly. Jamal’s goal is to provide a full-service package to every client.