The nitty gritty field of boxing has an up-and-coming champ in pro James ‘Savage’ Hagler Jr.  He has spent his entire life training and preparing for the career he has built for himself. Initially, his beginnings in athletics started with his consistent playing of football. His parents wanted him to excel at the sport, but their persistence only drew him closer to the activity he loved the most. At the age of 24, he began to professionally box in sister southern state, Alabama.

Once he began, there was no stopping the motivated fighter! He lost 65 lbs. by following a strict vegan diet in order to enter the 2016 Alabama Golden Gloves. This would serve as his first fight and humbling loss that encouraged him to increase his patience. This virtue helped James carefully work on his craft so that he may become a highly trained boxer moving forward.

When he is not using his fists to slay in the ring, he is busy giving back to underprivileged youth. Currently, he is working on a tour of the local high schools to show them there is a future in boxing. His slogan to them is to ‘Put their Hands Up and the Guns Down’ to encourage them to channel any anger into a real career. He advises anyone to embrace this lifestyle with sacrifice and discipline.

Hagler Jr. witnessed the principles in action when he noted the longevity of his own legacy. The Hagler legacy is important to him, so important that he is making strides to keep it upheld and in a prime setting .In 2022, Hagler Jr. is looking forward to a year-long boxing campaign. He will partake in fighting in at least one ring per quarter. Fans can follow the champ at any of his socials, all containing the following name @jameshaglerjr.