Javonte Rose is a man of many talents, from modeling to dancing to television to now music. One look at him, and you’ll instantly fall in love with his image and aura, bringing nothing less than positive vibes into any room he walks in. His nickname BLU is directly inspired by his piercing blue eyes, and the tattoos and abs speak for themselves.

An all across entertainer if there ever was one, having been on his own since the young age of 16, with fond memories of his aunt taking on the role as his motherly figure, Javonte was always taught to believe in his passions and go after his wildest dreams. 

To date, Javonte Rose published his own book called Behind the Blue Eyes that details his trials and tribulations, and even started his own nonprofit called I’m Here to fight anti-bullying. On the music tip, he recently unveiled his debut single, aptly titled “Tickin Dynamite.”

For those who don’t know, who is Javonte Rose? How would you describe yourself?

I’m Javonte Rose. I was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. I grew up in Boston, Mass. From Boston, I went to New York, New York to Miami, and now I’m in LA. I’m an artist, TV personality, I’m an author. The whole trade, I do it all.

I’ve been on my own since I was 16 years old. I had a hard upbringing, dealing with a lot of family issues and stuff like that. I’m a sibling of 5. I’m the only one with blue eyes. I am the  unique one. There’s 3 boys, two girls, we all have different dads. It was really hard growing up, that whole family stuff. I always felt like I was just different from the group, because we were all split up as kids. My aunt took me in, my aunt was really mother-oriented. Every single birthday, events, art things, she was very, very creative with everything. Really in tune with that. 

She taught me to see people differently, understanding people, just learning people at a young age too. I was with her for almost 5 years: kindergarten, preschool, first grade. We did all that artsy stuff and loving, mother family things. She’s always told me to keep my head high and keep my head on my shoulders, never give up and believe in myself. That’s always stuck with me, even now. 

Going back with my mom, it was a difference. Just seeing her doing different things pushed me back a little bit. Why are you acting that way, being that way, when I was taught this way? It made me see her in a different way. But also, it brought me to who I am today. I’m very respectable. I’m 100% honest with everything. It made me into the manhood that I am, as far as my drive and everything I’m doing, really pushing myself to my goals and my dreams and never giving up. 

What are your goals and your dreams?

To show people there’s a way to be somebody or to do something you want to believe in. Anything that you believe or dream in, to go for it and never give up. Especially people back home where I’m from, everybody’s on drugs. Everyone’s getting pregnant, doing this. Not really doing anything. I want to show them and also my family that I came from nothing, was able to make something and showed what I can do. All my talents and everything that I got going on. [snaps]

Oh wow!

Yeah, it was so funny because I’m 16 years old, I’m getting into modeling. My first one was a nude art for this guy in downtown Boston. Before that, my thing was always music, dance and modeling.  Entertainment, television, getting into that. I’ve always asked my mom, “Oh, can we go to this audition? Can we go here?” She’d never be able to make it, so I asked my sister-in-law to bring me in one day. I started with nude art. From there, I went to swimwear and underwear. I did high fashion editorial, came out to LA and did more high fashion. 

New song “Tickin Dynamite” out now. Are you a Tickin Dynamite?

Baby, I’m a tickin dynamite! It’s available on all platforms. I actually started doing music in 2018, when I wrote my first song before “Tickin Dynamite.” I’ve always been into groovy, island Afrobeats, and dancehall. I grew up with that for literally 16 years of my whole entire life. I remember even days when my mom said, “turn that Jamaican shit off!” Because I’d blast it everywhere. It was always my vibe, always my thing.

“Tickin Dynamite” is more to feel free, feel sexy, be confident, and be happy. Dynamite, you’re bold. You go in there , walk in the room and you shut that shit down. You go tick tick tick. It’s my first single out. We are working on some. We got “Creeping & Hiding” on the way. “Lavish” is coming, so I’ve been working. It’s been really good.

What is your ideal date? 

Now, honestly, I like to try things differently. I love hiking. A couple of years back, I went on my first hiking date. That was pretty interesting. It was very different. It’s different from the norm, you know, than going to the movies or going to dinner. I want to be more into the person and really see them for who they are. If they love nature, they love to be outside. Hiking is one of my new things.

Do you have any dating preferences?

I mean, yeah. I can’t say I’m not picky. [laughs] So I am pansexual. I’m very open. I just love somebody that’s about themselves, that’s a very hard worker. That’s independent, that can take care of their own. I love a beautiful smile. You need nice, white teeth.

How is dating in LA? 

Whew. Dating in LA is hard, but it’s not that hard at the same time. It’s when you want to really get into it and be with somebody. I’ve tried to date people out here. It didn’t work out either because they were too busy and I’m too busy, and we didn’t have time for each other. Plus, everyone feels like they’re for everybody. LA too, there’s a lot of 3-way monogamous or… what’s it called?


You know what I’m talking about. It’s very open, and that’s something different coming from the East Coast. But I also touch that in Miami too, because Miami’s very open, like LA. I do think it’s hard, but there’s a chance where you just put yourself into it. If you really want it, then you’ll go for it. 

What is your claim to fame? What do you want people to know you for?

I want people to know me for myself, Javonte Rose. I also go by BLU, for the blue eyes. Just somebody from a hard upbringing, hearing my story and me being on my own, me keep pushing and grinding and never giving up. My music, my TV, my book Behind the Blue Eyes, I’m Here. It’s very inspirational, motivational. It shows people that there’s a way out of bad situations and never giving up. Showing people you can do it, you could do it on your own. Just never giving up.

What is your book about? 

My book is called Behind the Blue Eyes, I’m Here. I wrote it back in 2016. It’s an inspirational motivational book and religious ties. It tells what I went through as a kid, but also a way out of my situation.

For instance, every single day from middle to high school, I wrote in a journal that I still have today. Everything that I did and asked God to please bring me some new family. Send me to a new family, get me out of this situation. Figuring out positive ways to get out of that, so that’s what I did every single day until I got to this present moment. 

You can follow Javonte Rose on all social media platforms under @iamjavonterose