When one thinks of Afro-Surrealism, they only have one name that comes to mind and that is Jaylon Smith. The master photographer has been booked and busy this year on bringing impressive concepts and visuals to his audience. He is also the founder and owner of the elite Huein Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Smith prides himself on his work ethic and his businesses being the right choice for those wanting pure professionalism. His clean shots and maximalism sets him apart from the other photographers who desire to reach his standards.

Jaylon has had his mind focused on elevating himself and his culture. He has embraced Afro-Surrealism and Art Education to portray the African American experience. Smith uses his platform to launch educational workshops that focus on proper business practices, professional networking, and art marketing. He created Huein Studios because he wasn’t satisfied with the limited artistic and business-minded exposure he felt his culture was getting. As a business, he has accumulated a number of partners including eBay, American Diabetes Association, Not Just a Label, and East Lake Golf Club.

Recently, Jaylon expanded his reach and covered the Latto 777 concert, sponsored by energy drink company, Monster. With J Young MDK, he covered 20 cities, meeting thousands of fans and explaining the experience as life changing. He felt it was a moment of true self-expression for himself as an artist. His favorite shoots however, range in the fashion realm because of the other influences. Nothing brings him joy like shooting with a team of models, make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, lighting technicians, and assistants.

The photographer explains that his driving passion is to elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion within the culture. He looks to the example of Former President Barack Obama as an example of showing BIPOC youth that they could be whatever they want to be. That is a message he is hoping to push forward. Smith says the key to finding success is finding what truly makes you happy and capitalizing off of that. On June 26th, Jaylon Smith is set to have a workshop titled Creative Gemz: Navigating Photography as a Melanated Person. Follow the mogul on his social media for more updates.

To Learn more about  Jaylon follow social media at @HueinStudios @jaylonsmith and