Houston is becoming one of the hottest cities in the United States from their food to their night life. However the beauty industry is also getting a boom in H-Town meet Jazmine LaCour she has earned the name as The Top braider in Houston. We had a chance to sit down with her and know about this amazing woman


What makes you the braiding expert of Houston?

 I consider myself an expert braider here in Houston,TX because of my technique, experience and title as an educator. I have accumulated 3 awards due to my exquisite, creative and intricate braiding techniques within hair competitions here in the U.S. I am recognized by Wella Education as 2022 Beauty Envision Awards Semi-Finalist for my creative editorial braid work.

I have studied the art of braiding and the science of protective styles for years. Braids are not just a beautiful style I’ve come to master, It’s a protective style meant to protect our beautiful textured hair while simultaneously retaining our hair’s current length. I am an expert because with my cosmetology license, experience and extensive studies that have taught me the science behind the braids and not just the execution of an amazing look.

Give us some tips on how to take care of your hair before getting braided?

 There’s so many amazing ways I can tell you to prep for your braids, but it ultimately comes down to your specific hair health needs. Unfortunately there is no “one-size fits all” approach to preparing for a protective style. The best way to prep your hair for a protective style is to first, schedule a consultation to have a scalp analysis to ensure you don’t have any underlying scalp conditions and your scalp pH is within healthy balance. Second, to have your hair strands analyzed as well as to check for any breakage, nodules, dryness, brittleness and splits. Lastly, ensure a licensed and experienced professional, such as myself can create and perform a detailed and effective step by step braid prep regimen tailored to your specific hair care needs. This is what I have begun to implement at my new salon located in Houston,TX. 


Who is Jazmine LaCour?

Jazmine LaCour is a 3x Award winning licensed cosmetologist, Master Braider and Educator. But I am also a Mother of three beautiful children, a loving wife, mentor, creator and friend. As an educator, monthly I host braiding classes for moms, dads, the youth including teens, and individuals who want to start a braiding business. I educate my clients and walk them through their own tailored healthy hair growth journey. Outside of growing healthy hair, protective styling and owning my own Braid Studio, as a  mentor to braiders and other beauty professionals, I help these individuals to get started and or unstuck in their business. Years ago as a young girl ,I came back home to Houston with nothing and turned my gift of braiding and hair care knowledge into an empire. I am a living witness and testimony that with God all things are possible. I allow Him to use me as a vessel to show young ladies that they can do whatever they set their mind to do. I am a Beacon, placed here to lead and serve those God places before me to guide them on their walks of life through their beauty business. I use what God has given me to give back to others with my educational training classes, mentorships and events that I host here in Houston. 


How do we save our edges when getting those tiny micro braids?

I love helping the ladies with a Quick Tip! Here’s how you can save your edges: It’s all in your health and regimen. Make sure you have all of your daily vitamins and minerals, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and minimize the tension. Don’t wear your styles too tight, minimize the tension with looser ponytails and buns and not wearing them for extended periods of time. Speak up, beauty is NOT pain. If you feel your braider is braiding too tight, please say something. Too much pulling and tension can lead to breakage and hair loss.

You’re a 3X awarded braid expert what does that mean for your brand?

I put blood, sweat and tears into everything I do, including my business. My awards are tangible proof of my hard work, dedication, determination, talent, creativity and expertise.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Mr. Muse