Being a teen pregnancy statistic, Jessica Bulgin was diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder. However, being sexually and physically abused in her youth, struggling with low self-esteem, and searching for love in all the wrong places did not stop her from becoming the entrepreneurial giant she is today. Jessica recognizes that she is called to inspire, motivate, and transform lives.

The obstacles truly helped push her into her purpose. Her passion is to reach broken people everywhere and those who are birthed out of painful situations headed toward destruction. By the grace of God, she is still here. She is living proof that He Makes Everything Alright!

SHEEN was blessed to sit and speak with Jessica. Listen in on the conversation.



Please introduce yourself to the reading audience.

My name is Jessica Ellis-Bulgin. I am the owner and CEO of Jessica’s Boutique. The best part about me is that I am married to Jason Bulgin Sr., and we are the parents of four amazing children (Jordyn, Janae, Joseph & Jason Jr.). My favorite color is purple. I am a May baby. Christmas is slowly but surely becoming my favorite holiday, and my biggest fear is crossing bridges. If I could sum “Jessica” up in five words, it would be faith, family, fashion, music and mental health. Well, mental health is two words, but you get it!


How do you define success?

Success is the ability to identify your purpose and walk wholly and confidently in that. Whatever you do, do it well. Execute the task. That is success.


How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

The simple answer is I am willing to tell my story to anyone. That’s how I’ve been influential. Transparency. I believe that being imperfect and having the courage to show those imperfections will win another imperfect person every time.

As the owner of Jessica’s Boutique, I make it known that it is not your average  boutique. My mission in life is to change lives one woman at a time. My desire is to help women embrace their beauty and build confidence through style. This is not just about clothes. This is the place where confidence, self-love & fashion is a lifestyle!


How do you plan to make noise this first quarter of 2022?

In the last part of 2021, God spoke so clearly and said, “LEAP.” Then He told me to share it with as many people who listen. I immediately went to social media and my text threads, challenging others to be courageous and take that leap. Start the business, write the book, open the daycare, start the boutique, follow the dream!

At the top of 2022, God showed me a set of gold keys. I have seen it repeatedly. So I believe wholeheartedly this means that not only for my tribe and me but once again for anyone who will receive it, you are being granted ACCESS this year. Access to people, places, venues, platforms and tables that we would not usually be “qualified” for. I am here to inspire, motivate and create spaces for people to live in their strength. I am here to spread a message of HOPE, whether in the business industry, mental health platforms, the church, the world…anywhere my feet go.

What is it that one thing that Jessica knows for sure?

One thing Jessica knows for sure is the value of support and relationship. There is something special about being surrounded by loved ones who are willing to create room for me to dream. As a child, I was ambitious and had many dreams. But, if it were not for a mother and father who ensured the foundation was laid for me to walk in the direction of those dreams, I would not be the entrepreneur I am today.

So one thing I know for sure is I am loved, valued and supported. And now, I give this same love and support to my children and each person I encounter.


How can people stay connected with you?

Personal IG: @JessicaEllisBulgin | Business IG: @thejessicasboutique | Website:


Photos courtesy of Jessica Bulgin