This Entrepreneurship Month, Jessica Dalby, wife, mother, and business owner is highlighted for her contributions to the world of media. The US Army veteran is the founder of Jessica Dalby Brand Media, the mother brand to several of her companies. These include Diggie The Progression Of Hip-Hop LLC, Diggie Clothing Brand, and P.U.S.H Entertainment. Alongside the LLC, the entertainment company was bred to nurture those who wished to become entrepreneurs towards accomplishing their own goals. Dalby believes in honoring the past and encouraging the future so their legacies can live on.

Jessica advises that the current pandemic only encourages her to grow her platform. She feels in a time where many were facing a cumulative upset, it was best to create an avenue where everyone can feel united and hopeful again. Apart from her own successful endeavors, she also donates her time to various veteran organizations and homeless groups. Dalby displayed her compassion for others when she established a non-profit for her son’s high school basketball team. She even volunteered as a representative for Leavenworth County in Kansas during the Congressional election due to the lack of diversity given.

She listed her top mentor as one close to home in her dedicated and hardworking husband of 12 years as well as her supportive father. Dalby also found comfort in her Certified Public Accountant, Stephanie Cunningham. In Stephanie, she discovered a woman who would encourage her to continue to elevate herself. Finally, she sought solace in the performer, International Nova, who pushed her to follow her dreams. As a Hispanic female who is actively building her business, she understands that she will need to continue to work harder than others. Jessica keeps a realistic view of what she is up against but is no less the visionary.

The avid reader is looking forward to the future Jessica Dalby Brand Media will hold. She sees 2022 as an opportunity to put on a major event that will put the Midwest on the map. Dalby is also hoping to become a brand ambassador for causes such as survivors of abuse. She also looks toward an avenue in film and is letting nothing stand in her way. Jessica Dalby can be found on several platforms such as Instagram (@diggiea2/ @jessicadalby), Twitter (@DiggieA2/ @jessicaydalby), and her websites /


All images provided by Jessica Dalby