Deep within the hearts of many lies a story begging to be shared, yet often held captive by fear.

As Maya Angelou wisely proclaimed, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Like many immigrants, refugees, and individuals who have endured traumatic experiences, Lea Tran once kept her story hidden, believing it to be too ordinary and uninteresting to others. However, she soon realized that unresolved accounts have a tendency to amplify mental challenges and hinder personal growth. Recognizing the significance of inherited traumas and the weight of painful stories carried from one country to another, Lea made the decision to become an author and speaker, seeking to re-examine and liberate these narratives.

Lea Tran, an ethnic Chinese refugee from Vietnam known as a former “Boat Person.” In her turbulent years, she witnessed her parents’ resilience and determination as they escaped communist Vietnam. From surviving perilous seas and pirate raids to navigating high school and family life in a foreign land shaped her nontraditional upbringing. Lea’s journey represents immigrants’ triumph over adversity, fueled by invaluable lessons learned from trauma to success.

A Villanova University graduate, Lea embarked on a career in medicinal chemistry, delving into fundamental research in prominent pharmaceutical companies. Her contributions in this field resulted in numerous patents for groundbreaking drug discoveries.

However, her professional journey took a bold risk, leading her to transition from a female scientist to a flourishing entrepreneur and business owner in the creative realm of interior decorating.

Yet, it was during this transformation that Lea discovered a profound realization: she possessed a powerful story worth sharing. Motivated by this newfound understanding, she ventured into the realm of public speaking, captivating audiences as a TEDx speaker.

In addition, Lea skillfully translated her experiences and insights into the captivating realm of literature, establishing herself as a highly accomplished author. Her memoir, titled “I Did Not Miss the Boat,” was published in September 2020, resonating with readers worldwide.

Recognizing the power of effective communication, Lea further honed her public speaking skills through the National Speaker Association Academy. Her dedication and training in public speaking also led her to achieve the prestigious designation of Distinguished Toastmaster. Additionally, she obtained certification as a holistic coach with Radiant Academy, enriching her ability to inspire and empower others in the midst of COVID-19.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Lea adapted and delivered impactful presentations through virtual platforms like Zoom, reaching audiences far and wide. Her commitment to sharing her story and uplifting others remains unwavering, making a lasting impact in these extraordinary times. Lea’s powerful storytelling captivates global audiences, and she actively uses her platform to elevate other women, encouraging them to embrace their narratives and conquer challenges. Through her impactful work, Lea Tran empowers individuals and organizations to not only transform their own lives but also make a positive impact on their communities through the power of story-sharing. 

Lea is a co-host of the “Fabulous Friday” Podcast with Ashley and a weekly Facebook livestream show called “From Surviving to Thriving” on Facebook with Sara Im. Lea is a dynamic, high-energy keynote speaker and a well-sought-after guest on various podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

Lea is actively involved in empowering others, serving as a board member for Refugee Film School, a non-profit branch of the Together for Good organization to assist refugee students learn to ern during the pandemic, she currently serves as vice president of Global Women of Impact in Orlando.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Lea Tran & BG Productions