Lesley Riley, Mama Biscuit aka”the biscuit darling”– the heart and soul behind the unique biscuits America’s come to love. Mama’s Biscuits is a Black-owned, women-led brand offering America’s first gourmet biscuits. The only all-natural, clean-label, ready-to-eat biscuit made with real dairy and real butter that’s sold in national retailers.

Who is Lesley outside of your bio?  

I am grateful. I never take anything for granted. No matter what opportunities come my way I always remain humble. Opportunities aren’t given to everyone.


What do you hope our readers gain from this interview?  

I want readers to understand my mission, to create the nostalgia of home cooking from my grandma’s recipes with a modern twist. That is what our brand is. Simple and authentic handwritten recipes passed down from generations I want to give my customers and future customers the gift of eating our Artisan sweet, savory, gluten-free gourmet biscuits. I ship them all over the United States and would love for each household to experience them.


What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

I’m looking forward to continuing to partner with local agencies for my Feeding Faith Initiative and mentoring entrepreneurs in the brand-new Mama’s Biscuits Culinary Incubator that lives on the campus of Hagerstown Community College. 


How can people remain connected with you?

People can stay connected by visiting our website- and social media-

Photo Credits: Lesley Riley