Coree Sullivan specializes in Divorce Recovery and helps people heal from the wounds of their past, including their divorce. She is passionate about helping and educating women to take the time to heal so they don’t end up going through pain again, just like Coree did.

In January 2012, she came out of a deep depression that was brought on by the real estate market crash and the fact that she had gone through yet another divorce. She asked the Lord for guidance and assistance and got the answer to start her Divorce Recovery class. She wrote the curriculum down and took it to the pastor over relationships and marriage, who then took it to the church staff. It was unanimously approved, and she began the classes in January 2013. In 2016, she compiled her writing material and gave it a book form. Her book “Destiny After Divorce” quickly became a best seller on Amazon and the main tool for her ministry called ‘This Restored Heart.’ 

Coree believes having quality mentors and support networks is her key to success. 

“If you are an entrepreneur, you are usually the only full-time person in your business. Having this support will help you be able to have others come in with a point of view you may not have thought about or had the expertise to make it happen. They also open your eyes to possibilities, new tools that will benefit your growth, as well as keep you focused on your end goals.”

To maintain a work-life balance, she sets aside time to include self-care and time with family and friends to keep it all balanced. According to Coree, self-care is key to finding balance in life. 

“I am a better Life Coach when I have balance. I teach having balance as an important part of moving forward. If I’m not doing it myself, then I am not leading by example! Also, when I’m taking the time for self-care, new ideas or tools come to my mind, and I’m able to enhance my ability to support my clients.”

Coree Sullivan’s new program ‘Rebuilding After Divorcing A Narcissist’ has helped many women and men recover from one of the most traumatic divorce situations. 

“It took some time and some painful memories to rise up in me to be able to help others get free from theirs. The manipulation and control that my initial narcissist, which was my dad’s second wife, set the stage for me to become extremely codependent. In my own recovery, I learned how those wounds played a role in the choices I made, how I saw the world, and the behaviors I had. I went through my own deep inner healing initially, not realizing that was going to be the foundation of my ministry. The lessons I learned were life-changing for me and have been for many I’ve worked with. I now understand the value I have and want to help others find their value as well.”


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Coree Sullivan