It’s officially “Gator Season,” and Lola Brooke is making sure she’s got her foot on everybody’s necks. Her Instagram bio reads “718 Princess” with a Statue of Liberty emoji, reminding folks of her roots in Brooklyn, New York — a place she reps proudly and full-heartedly.

In describing herself, Lola Brooke states, “I really think of one word: Brooklyn. For real, for real. Anything you think that’s Brooklyn, it’s me. BK all day!”

Lola Brooke isn’t just a phenomenal rapper, she boasts one hell of personality that fans can’t help but adore and gravitate towards. In fact, you’ll have to catch her out in the streets to fully understand and encapsulate the culture that birthed her. Her rhymes are inspired by real life experiences, and her bars cut through like razorblades.

Last year, Lola unveiled her standout single “Don’t Play With It,” who’s official music video surpassed half a million views and counting. The song reeled in huge cosigns from industry staples including  JT of the CityGirls, Saucy Santana, and Ella Mai. To further elevate the song, Lola delivered an epic performance on From The Block.

Sheen caught up with Lola Brooke to discuss her roots in Brooklyn, “Don’t Play With It,” her alter egos, Meek Mill cosigning her, beauty go-to’s, and more!


I know you’re the 718 Princess, what does it mean to be from Brooklyn?

I can’t describe the feeling. You have to visit Brooklyn to understand why I am how I am. Everything built me to the concrete grounds, to public school, to family issues… environment. It’s a whole book of everything. You gotta come to Brooklyn. I gotta have some Brooklyn with me to move around so you can get the feeling of it. It’s a culture, it’s noisy in that motherfucker. That’s why I am so loud, because it’s noisy in Brooklyn.


Your fans say you’re the hardest rapper out.

Yo, I be so amazed because my fanbase is really growing. I’m like oh this is real…

Is Gator like your thing? I know you have a song called “Gator Season” but is that like your trademark?

Yeah, that’s like my alter ego. Just one of them though, because I have a lot. I ain’t gon’ front, I got a lot. You know how Diddy got Sean Combs, Diddy, Puff Daddy…? Me, I got Big Mama, Big Gator, Lolita, Chi Chi, Lola Brooke… what else I got? There’s another one from my old neighborhood, Binyy.

What inspired Lola Brooke? I know that’s not your real name.

The Brooke stands for Brooklyn. Lola is because when I was in high school, they used to always say I always look like Lola Bunny. I just stuck with it.

“Don’t Play With It” is one of your biggest songs, I saw it’s passing half a million on YouTube. How does that feel?

I try not to pay too much attention. I pay attention to it to know what’s going on, but I try not to think of what it could be. I always think about what it came from and it makes me feel so good. Yo, I didn’t even have that many subscribers on YouTube, and this is organic. For this to go over 500K views, is crazy!

After that song, JT reached out right? 

The connection with JT feels like a girl that I know from around the corner, just like I thought it would be. Even though she’s from Florida, it still feels like it’s from the same community. It’s been great, she’s dope. She’s a star.

How’d she give you that cosign?

She said the lyrics to my song. Mind you, I was in the hair salon, getting my hair done. It’s crazy because my best friend owns a hair salon, I went. I went to go to sleep real fast, because she wasn’t ready for me. I was tired, went to sleep real quick. Something told me to get up, my phone kept ringing ringing. I’m like, why does my phone keep ringing? They’re like “girl, JT just posted your lyrics!” I’m like for real? I went there and looked on Twitter: no she didn’t! Wow JT. That’s fire.

How’s the independent grind?

It’s been pretty cool, I have no problem with it. I got freedom and free range. I get to do the things that I want to do.

How was Rolling Loud?

I wish I could do it again and again. Aw man, the rush? It felt so good. To be on stage in front of people cheering for you, it’s like it’s your birthday. Every time I come on stage, it’s my birthday. That’s how I be feeling.

Were you nervous?

No. I kept thinking, am I going on yet? I kept thinking it in my head so much that I was trying to get it out of my head. Somebody would say something about it, I be like why are you talking about it?! I’m not trying to think about it so much, damn. 

3 things you need in the studio at all times?

Water, hookah. That’s something new, that just started. You know what, I’m gonna go with some food.. I don’t really need liquor like that, but sometimes… nah hold on, food, water, and a little tequila. I can keep out the tobacco products. [laughs]

What kind of food?

I like something light, like Chick-fil-A, Chipotle. Even though it sounds heavy, but I’m not going to eat the whole thing. Something that’s real quick, dabble in it here and there, go back in the studio. Not something I eat with a fork, it’s too much.

What are your beauty go-to’s?

See me, I need my lashes done. But I love the brows, the brows is a thing for me. The brows gotta be on. Brows, little nice lipliner,  some lashes, concealer or not and keep it going. Keep it pushing. Hair gotta be a nice little part. It ain’t there right now, but the curls is saving me. But you know, something real calm. Nothing too much.

Lashes or nails?

I need the lashes. I can go without the nails, I’ll be alright. As long as it’s clean.

Talk about getting the cosign from Meek Mill too.

That’s one of my biggest inspirations! I’ve been watching him since a little puppy [laughs]. For real, well I’m still his biggest fan. But back then, when he was upcoming, they didn’t really know who he was where I was from. I was pushing it like I’m telling you, he gon’ be the next big thing! He gon’ go crazy. Everybody used to be like ehhh… They’d go listen to it, come back and say “yeah, he’s hard.” I’ll be like I told you! That’s a big thing. Me in high school, they be like “this the same girl that was going around the whole school promoting Meek. ‘Listen to Meek Mill, he’s fire! He’s fire’” It’s crazy how it’s turning around. It’s wild to me.

How did he catch wind of you?

I did “2017 Flow.” My first music video ever and he put flames under it. Everybody’s like “yo, Meek just hit you.!” Everybody knows I’m a big Meek fan from my city. They like “yo. he just said your shit fire!” I’m like, he knows me? That’s all I could say: he knows me? [laughs]

Do you go crazy every time they play “Dreams and Nightmares” in the club?

Yeah! I go crazy. Everybody looks at me, that’s the funny thing. When that comes on, everybody looks at  me. They know I’m about to go crazy.

What can we expect from you next?

Right now, I’ve been in the lab. I got some secrets, but they gon’ turn out to be in gifts. Don’t worry about that: the secrets turn themselves into gifts. I’m trying to work on some visuals. I’m trying to work on the next big thing for me so that I can have more big moments. Not just stay in one.

You got any goals?

I want to be the new female face of New York City. I really do want to hold that weight. I feel like Nicki did it, Jay did it, Biggie did it, Kim did it. MC Lyte did it! I want to be one too! I want to do it too.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Keep streaming “Don’t Play With It, don’t play with it. Come on baby, don’t play with it.” And “Gator Season,” because Gatorland has arrived. You hear what I’m saying? Everybody needs to take a trip to Gatorland, that’s my new thing. I’ll pay for the flights. [laughs]


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