Oasis is a company founded by Michael Amir and Faheem Muhammad which focuses on opening up underserved neighborhoods to economic development.
Growing up together, the two began their business partnership while working for the late, iconic King of Pop, Michael Jackson. During the King of Pop career, Amir served as Jackson’s Chief of Staff and Faheem served as Jackson’s head of security.
As soon as Jackson passed away, they both launched multi-million dollar businesses before launching Oasis in 2019. In less than 3 years, Amir and Muhammad have grown their real estate portfolio from $40K to $10M.
Amir grew up in a Black neighborhood but attended a predominantly white high school and noticed the differences between white and black neighborhoods. Dedicated to improving low-income communities, he worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. The struggle for his mom to provide for his family shaped Muhammad’s world as a child. He came from a single-parent household. As a result of his desire to help his mother, he worked hard.
As of 2016, he has been visiting Chicago actively and learning about the real estate market. Together with Amir, he purchased a single-family home. Initially, they planned to flip the house, but Muhammad realized refinancing and renting it would be more beneficial. The refinancing allowed them to repeat that cycle, but this time for a much bigger purpose.
OASIS aims to invest in, with, and for low-income communities often ignored by traditional financiers and turn them into an oasis. Furthermore, Oasis created several jobs in underprivileged communities as part of its$10M real estate portfolio. A new program they developed called “Build” is designed to help young men and women get started in real estate careers and learn how to buy properties.
Build teaches the students trade skills and how to renovate a house from top to bottom. Moreover, Oasis is the only active black-founded Real Estate Fund in the country that is qualified by the Security Exchange Commission, SEC (Regulation A+ Tier II).