Women really do run the world! And it’s officially Women’s Month.It’s not every day that we meet women who are willing to give of themselves selflessly. Today we honor the ones who do so daily.

Tracey A Garrett, MSN RN attended Tennessee State University studying communications. She began her career in healthcare in 2002 as an outpatient care technician, who would eventually become a Phlebotomy Technician, an LPN 2005, an RN, and now has a Masters Degree in Clinical Education. She has 15 years of experience in Medical/Surgical and Critical Care. 8 years as an ER nurse from Wishard Hospital (Eskenazi). She found her passion for teaching during her career as a nurse in the ICU/ER and as a facilitator for new employees. She then ventured into a career as a Clinical Educator. 3 years later, she has proudly opened The Hope Training Center.


How do you define success?

Success is when you complete a goal no matter big or small to move you from the place you started from and help you get to the place you wanna be.

How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

I take the time to not only talk to my students but help to guide them. Not just through my course, but in life. I check up on them and make sure they continue to thrive. A lot of them come to me wanting more but they don’t know what all is out there to help them. I take the time to show them and give them a chance to go after what they want.

How do you keep going when you want to give up? Or, have you ever experienced this before?  

“If you meet resistance, find another solution”. I apply this to my life every day. I tell my children the same thing. There have been so many naysayers, doubters, and tough times that if had to find other ways to make things happen for me. I use determination and perseverance to keep going when I meet resistance and so far so good.

How do you plan to make noise this first quarter of 2022?

By working/networking with as many within my area of expertise and beyond. I want to everything bigger and Betty this year and as I grow.

What is the mantra that you live by?

Well I actually have 2 of them; “If you meet resistance, find another solution” and “excuses are the tools of the incompetent.” There will always be 100 reasons why you can’t do something but there are 1000 reasons why you should do it. The #1 reason is that your life will be that much better off once you complete the challenge in front of you.

What is it that one thing that Tracey knows for sure?

That I am one resilient ass woman. I am a strong, smart businesswoman and my goals and dreams know no bounds or limitations. I believe in manifesting and I know that I will have multiple centers and schools in multiple states. I will help thousands by helping the hundreds by helping the few. What I mean by that is that I will help the few that seek me out and with me helping those few they will help hundreds and more will come to me and that will help me help thousands. It’s a ripple effect, even when you can’t see the water you know it’s still going on.

How can people connect with you?

fB: The Training Center

IG: the Hope training center

Ph: 3174367984

Photos courtesy of Tracey Garrett