The music business is known to be fast-moving, competitive and crazy, so it takes incredible skill to make it even a decade. Try more than three decades, which is how long Vonzell “VZ ” Washington has been helping artists at all levels make it.

For 35 years, he’s worked in all aspects of the industry. He’s currently the CEO of Right Way Management Sound Group, which focuses on artist development, music production, and artist management, and CEO of Yarash Entertainment, which focuses on entertainment management and production.

VZ loves to help people and educate them on how the business works, especially younger artists. This goes beyond music mentorship: he enjoys encouraging and supporting anyone trying to make a difference in the world, including those trying to bring their families out of poverty.

An expert in achieving success, he has used his platform to elevate the lives of A/B artists. He has been behind endorsements, silver and big screen placements, and a record number of partnerships. He has provided an outlet for artists such as Face Da Zoe, Julius JB Brownlee, and music minister Glowreeyah Braimah.

The featuring and networking of other professionals keeps Vonzell motivated on his own goals. He sees the vision in these artists and entrepreneurs and they serve as inspiration for him. The pandemic was a challenge, but happily through the process of digital marketing, VZ has been able to prosper.

He grew up admiring his grandfather who worked multiple businesses, and he’s developed his own work ethic – you’ll pretty much always find him in a studio helping artists. This “no down time” approach fits in perfectly with the music world where things are always moving.

Over the years, VZ has done just about everything, and credits Jesus with opening the doors for him for more opportunities to get him where he is today.

“A lot of people don’t know that one of my slogans is ‘we teach, we pursue, we execute,’ so that’s what I try to do in my life and lifestyle,” he said. “We’re teaching all the time, and we’re also learning, pursuing, and challenging. Once you get it, you move forward and then onto the next project.”

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Photo credits : @vzvonzell