Check Out Her Latest Single, “STFU” Now Available on All Music-Streaming Platforms “A Must Have!”

Tanishia Smith known professionally as Tokadok is a multitalented rapper from Harvey, Illinois. Her list of credits include rapper and businesswoman (founder of her own record label called, Differ.ENT.)

When asked what is her “first” love, Tokadok says, “I love being creative. I love the entire process from writing the lyrics to creating beats and then recording the track.” “So , I would say, my first love is being your authentic self.” And, she is doing just that with all the ‘bells and whistles.”

Tokadok says, “never give up on yourself or dreams.” At 45 years of age, she decided to take a leap of faith and fulfill her life long dream of becoming a rap artist. She has not looked back from making the decision to pursue her dream. Her persistence is definitely paying off. She consistently remains on the road touring in clubs and venues. Her loyal fans cannot get enough of her. “It’s a beautiful feeling to receive all the love and support that I’m getting,” says Tokadok. “As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” And, she is on her way making a name for herself in the ‘rap game” and cementing her legacy in the music industry.

Her latest single, “STFU,” is out now. It is a brilliant, well-produced hip-hop and rap track everyone is downloading! The bold and lyrically-tight song will keep you wanting more from the beautiful and gifted rap artist.

Tokadok, the lyrical voice, everyone is talking about.

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