Attiyah Blair is a multi-millionaire real estate investor, mentor and licensed realtor. Attiyah’s company, The Real Estate Reset, breathes life into severely distressed properties and turns them into beautiful homes. The company also provides jobs for many members of the community. Attiyah has been investing in real estate since 2007. Since the tender age of 23 years-old, she has been passionate about sharing her wealth, building knowledge with other women, and aspiring real estate investors. Attiyah’s signature mentorship program teaches her students “How to Build A Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in One Year.” Before becoming a real estate investor, Attiyah worked for NBC, CBS and FOX News for 10 years. We got an opportunity to sit and chat with this mogul in the making…. Listen in!

What is your definition of Influence? 

I define influence as service. The greater the level of service, the greater the impact and influence will be. True influencers give before they receive. When people know that time spent with you will make them better, happier, wealthier or smarter they will seek you out over and over again. We see this play out on social media. Influencers who provide a wealth of content that serves their audience have the largest and most engaged followings. The key is to focus on service and influence will naturally follow. 

How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

I am a unicorn in the real estate investing space. Less than 30% of real estate investors are women and less than 9% of real estate investors are African American. Not only am I a woman, but I am a woman of color. I share my real estate investing journey because I understand the power of seeing someone who looks like you doing what you aspire to do. In many cases, achieving certain goals may feel impossible when you don’t see anyone who looks like you doing it. When I began earning 6-figures in business it was because I saw someone who looked like me doing it. When I began making 7-figures in business, it was because I saw someone who looked like me doing it. I once had someone call me the Harriet Tubman of real estate. I work hard to blaze a trail daily for women who want to build wealth with real estate. I’m an ambassador for what is possible, and I take it a step further and teach women the same step-by-step processes that helped me to become a real estate millionaire. The women in my community have acquired millions of dollars of real estate which will ultimately change the financial trajectory for them, their families and strangers as well. The impact from the work that I am doing will be felt across generations. I feel blessed and humbled to serve in this manner.

How do you keep going when you want to give up? Or, have you ever experienced this before? 

I have been a full-time entrepreneur for 10 years so I have definitely wanted to give up on many occasions. I am able to stay focused because I am clear about why I do what I do. I reach my goals because I am insatiable with my success. I reach my goals because my purpose calls me and I know I must answer. I reach my goals because I am very clear about my purpose and I am very clear that before I leave this earth if I don’t do anything else I will fulfill my purpose. I’m going to give my all. My grave will be empty when it’s my time to go because I’m going to share everything I’ve got with the world. That is my why. That is what allows me to endure on the days I want to give up.  

What are you currently working on for this next quarter in 2021? 

I want to serve at least 60 additional women in my mentorship program. I will purchase at least 2 multi-family properties and complete construction on 4 of the 6 multi-family properties that I am rehabbing right now. I am also speaking at many events across the US including doing a Tedx talk. 

What is it Attiyah that you know for sure? 

I have unfortunately now buried my mother and my father. What I know for sure is that tomorrow is not promised and because of that I wake up every day with passion and intensity around achieving my goals and helping others do the same. 

How can people connect with you? 

I share tons real estate investing strategy on Instagram.  Also you can check out my Free Masterclass to learn the best strategy for getting started in real estate at 


All images courtesy of Attiyah Blair